Personal Relationships & Sexuality - Young People with Learning Disabilities

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This course is offered to all children and adult services staff who work with children and young people who have a learning disability.

The main aim of this training is to clarify and explore practice issues around personal relationships & sexuality (PRS) and learning disabilities focussing on increasing staff skills and knowledge in this area. This course aims to build confidence and competence in addressing and responding to issues arising in a practical way, covering topics such as public vs. private behaviours, appropriate touching and masturbation, forming, developing and maintaining healthy personal relationships, managing emotions, saying no, sexualisation and issues relating to pornography, talking about PRS with young people, contraception needs, STIs, sexual health and sexual orientation.

The training also includes an introduction to the following areas in relation to learning disability: sex and the law; capacity and consent and translating policy into practice.

Start Date
Wednesday 25 September 2019
End Date
Wednesday 25 September 2019
09:30 - 16:30
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Learning outcomes

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • examine attitudes and values to sexuality (in its broadest sense) and learning disability

  • acquire confidence to talk about and acknowledge PRS with young people

  • gain knowledge of the Law in relation to sex and learning disability

  • explore good practice and skills around issues you may face in the workplace

  • increased awareness and confidence of your role and responsibility in this context

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Target Audience
Adult Social Care Providers / Assessment Services (BHCC) / Carers / Children's Services / Children's Services (B&HCC) / CVS / Foster Carers / Learning Disability Services / Schools
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Hove Town Hall - Training Room G108, Norton Road
Event Trainers
Laura Clark
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