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Code: BH/20/1621 BHSCP - Practitioners Learning Event

The session is being hosted by the BHSCP as the reviewing body for the locality.

The session will be looking at local learning from recent case reviews and learning reviews.

There will be refrence to national findings where relevent to local practice.

There will be guest speakers from those agencies involved.

These partners will look at the learning in relation to both their own agency and others.

There will be the opportunity to ask questions of the guest speakers and presenters.

There is also an expectation that you will further discuss these findings within your own agency at team meetings or supervision.

Essential Information
Session Session Date Session Time Session Venue Map
1 28 January 2021 09:30 - 12:30 Microsoft Teams Map

Code: BH/21/0200 Effective Communication Skills (EVENT FULL)

This is an open, practical and participative course over two mornings, with exercises, discussion and tutor input.

We will cover:

How do we Communicate?
A look at the ways in which we communicate with others, including:
• face-to-face
• telephone
• text
• email

What Makes a Good Communicator?
What are the key qualities and behaviours of a good communicator?

Face-to-face Communication
The importance of:
• the words we use (vocabulary)
• how we say it (tone)
• what it looks like (visual)

Quality, Questioning and Listening
The key aspects and skills involved to maximise effectiveness.

Effective Body Language
The effects of both positive and negative body language on how we and our message are perceived.

Using Tone Effectively
How to avoid the pitfall of, “I only said…”

What are Good Interpersonal Skills and How Do We Define Them?
What are the barriers to Interpersonal communication

Telephone Communications
What can go wrong, followed by guidelines for effective use of the telephone.

The Written Word
How to sharpen up our emails, letters and texts. 
What to avoid and why
What will help improve clarity and understanding

We will finish with an action session, where you commit to the actions you will take afterwards.

Essential Information
Session Session Date Session Time Session Venue Map
1 28 January 2021 10:00 - 13:00 Microsoft Teams Map
2 29 January 2021 10:00 - 13:00 Microsoft Teams Map