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We continue to deliver the majority of our course programme online on Teams and Zoom at the moment, with only a few essential courses running face to face.

Welcome to our Early Years providers 
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What do we offer over the whole year? 
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What else is there?
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Foster Carers

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New Foster Carers

Foster Carers must complete the following 7 Mandatory training courses in the first 2 years post-approval, plus the Training, Support & Development (TSD) Standards Workbook (within the first 12 months) in order to receive an increase in your fostering allowance after 2 years:
  • Attachment - Foster Carers
  • Safer Caring For New Foster Carers
  • Introduction to Contact
  • Positive Interventions for Foster Carers
  • Paediatric First Aid / Emergency First Aid
  • Safeguarding Children (eLearning)
  • Meeting the Needs of Ethnically Minoritised Children
Plus: Fair and Inclusive Mandatory Staff Briefing – recording (eLearning)
Foster Carers post 2-year approval
You must complete a minimum of 5 additional courses to receive a further increase in your Fostering Allowance after 5 years.
Foster Carers post 5-year approval
You must refresh Mandatory training plus additional courses relevant to your type of fostering. Please speak with your social worker if you require any support to complete training within these timescales.

Please contact Lucy Bannister, Fostering Support Officer @ Lucy.Bannister@brighton-hove.gov.uk if you require support or advice to help you complete your mandatory training.

Research in Practice

Research in Practice bring together academic research, practice expertise and the experiences of people accessing services. They apply this knowledge to develop a range of resources and learning opportunities, as well as delivering tailored services, expertise and training. They work closely with professionals across the children, families and adult sectors to ensure our work is truly sector-led and responds to the most pressing issues.

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