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Assistive Technology, Ease of Use and Accessibility

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BH 20/135 

This course is aimed at council staff but may be useful for everyone


Almost everybody can benefit from using some of the tools mentioned in this course. 


Assistive technology (AT) is anything that is used maintain, or improve an individual's capabilities. 

AT can be computer software: screen readers and communication programs. 

It can also be chairs, desks, handgrips or other tools that make life easier or enable someone to complete tasks others may be able to do without it. 

A lot of  useful AT software is free and is already available to all staff.

The council is committed to ensuring Assistive Technology promotes greater independence by enabling people to perform tasks that they were formerly unable to accomplish, or had difficulty accomplishing. 

Note: This course cannot presently mark as complete


Full Description
Fair and Inclusive 
Target Audience
Brighton & Hove City Council Staff 
Estimated Duration
2 hours