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Code: BH 20/044 Building resilience (Skill Boosters)

Building resilience is all about developing the skills we need to withstand pressure, change, and trauma in our lives and improving our ability to recover from setbacks and adversity. In the working environment, resilience enables us to cope with increased pressure and demand, handle problems constructively and approach organisational challenges such as redundancy, downsizing, and restructuring with greater equanimity.


In this course, we look at the benefits that resilience can bring in both our personal and professional lives and how we can embark on our own resilience-building journey.

Code: BH 21/006 Effective online meetings (Skill Boosters)

Online or virtual meetings are highly convenient and help us to save on time and costs, but they can be difficult to manage and present a number of communication challenges. This short film looks at the benefits and drawbacks of video meetings and explains what we can do to ensure that our online meetings are as productive as possible.

Code: BH 20/117 Future of Work - Dealing with Stress

Working from home can come with some unique challenges.

In this module, we're going to look specifically at the potential impact of remote working on stress and wellbeing, and what you can do to minimise your levels of stress.

Code: BH 21/045 How to be more productive (skillbooters)

Code: BH 20/138 Information Governance, GDPR and Cyber Security 2022

This module must be completed by all staff. Checks will be made that this module has been completed.   

If you have taken and completed this course before, please use the Retake Course button if it is available. 

In the course you will learn how to:

  • Identify personal data and special category data
  • Understand what is different about criminal offence data
  • Understand the use of Data Protection Impact Assessments
  • Create strong passwords and keep them safe
  • Keep information safe when using technology
  • Manage records using BHCC best practice

In order to complete this module you will need to complete the Quiz with a score of at least 80%. 

Code: BH 20/041 MIcrosoft Teams

Some of the frustrations of distance working can be avoided by using Microsoft Teams which is part of Office 365.

Please suggest any useful resources, videos or training content here

Code: BH 18/005 PIER - Employee Access Guides

PIER (Personal Information and Employment Resource) is the HR system used by all Brighton & Hove City Council staff and councillors, providing online access to HR processes, Learning & Development and Payroll information.

The PIER system has many benefits and enables staff to:

  • View payslips
  • Change bank details
  • Update equalities information
  • Maintain emergency contact information
  • Improve sustainability by reducing the amount of paperwork

This course is designed to provide a quick overview to PIER Self Service Employee Access.

Note: Managers should also complete the PIER Manager Access Overview elearning course

Code: BH 22/006 Recruitment & Selection

Recruitment & Selection 

This course is mandatory for those staff on recruitment panels.  It includes the face to face recruitment and selection course content, apart from the interview skills practice session.  In addition it also covers virtual interviews now that many more staff are working remotely.  Teams may find themselves in a position where recruitment is essential for the team to continue to function, and during these times they still need to recruit.

Let's get an overview of recruitment costs in the Public Sector, taken from the CIPD’s (Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development) Resourcing & Talent Planning Survey published in September 2021, before starting this elearning course.

Recruitment costs per hire (median average costs including resourcing time, advertising costs and agency/search fees):

2021 Public Sector           Senior Managers: £2,000               Other employees: £1,000

2020 Public Sector           Senor Managers: £3,000                Other employees: £1,500

The survey reports that recruitment costs have reduced significantly over the last year in all sectors, and this may be due to Covid-19 - less hires and more cost-efficient processes, e.g. interviewing virtually, however, the survey reports that there has been a trend of reduced costs over the last 10 years (in 2011 these were £5K and £3K respectively).  There will always be a cost attached to recruitment so getting it right is important. In addition to those costs quoted above you will also have the additional costs.  You will have to train and induct someone into their new role and at the same time consider the productivity impact as someone new starts and begins to pick up their new role. 

If you work with vulnerable Adults and /or Children you must also complete the Safer Recruitment elearning course.

Code: BH 21/055 Returning to the workplace at Brighton & Hove City Council

Interim hybrid working arrangements are in place until May 2022.

This course is for you if you are now coming into to your office or workplace or if you have been at your workplace throughout the pandemic and are now being joined by more colleagues.

It aims to ensure you feel informed and reassured about the current arrangements in place, including hybrid arrangements.

The eLearning will take about 30 minutes for you to complete.

Code: BH 15/063 Stress Management and Wellbeing

This online learning module has been developed specifically for Brighton and Hove City Council Staff, Councillors and Schools Staff only, so may be unsuitable for others.  


This is useful for people who may be feeling the symptoms of stress or who recognise the signs of stress in others.


These practical resources may help you with your emotional and physical health at work, particularly when dealing with the impact of changes to you and your team. Many of the resources are self-help, some can be used in partnership with managers, colleagues and peers, and other resources, courses or workshops can be arranged through our Workforce Development Team


This module will take about 20 minutes to complete.

Code: BH 20/008 Using Microsoft Excel

This course is useful for anyone wanting to learn more about Excel


Microsoft Excel is one of the most useful tools from the Microsoft Office range. 

It is generally considered to be the best and most feature rich spreadsheet available. It's also easy to use, while remaining immensely powerful. 


However, many people are apprehensive when it comes to working with numbers. Excel can take all the worry away and make even complex calculations easy,


This course consists of YouTube videos covering Excel from a simple introduction through to complicated and sometimes hidden features.

Code: BH 21/005 Working from home (Ihasco)

Being able to work from home enables us to configure our working day to accommodate the various demands on our time and energy while making the most of our periods of peak productivity, but it also brings with it a series of challenges around communication, collaboration and engagement. This course sets out what home workers can do to make sure that they stay healthy, happy and productive while remaining connected to their organisation and able to reap all the benefits that homeworking has to offer.