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People & Performance Management - 2 day course

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This course is specifically for Brighton & Hove City Council managers and staff who are moving into or aspiring to management roles in the near future at the council

This two day course will provide an opportunity for managers to discuss and debate the challenges they face in managing performance at Brighton & Hove City Council. Opportunities will be available to explore different approaches to managing performance and how to manage both effective performers and staff who are underperforming.

Part of the course will involve finding out about the HR policies and procedures you need to know and carry out to deliver your role effectively.

A central component of the course will be analysing our performance as managers by identifying our strengths and areas for development in our managerial roles.

This is a skills based course with plenty of opportunities to work in small groups, develop skills and receive peer feed-back.

The course will offer a variety of management tools to enable managers to develop their management practice.
Start Date
Monday 9 September 2019
End Date
Tuesday 10 September 2019
09:30 - 16:30
Learning outcomes

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • recognise the challenges managers face when managing performance

  • use skills in group problem solving

  • manage performance in a fair and consistent way

  • develop confidence and skills in managing performance

  • develop an action plan regarding development needs in relation to effective performance management

Additional information

Staff who have attended this course have said:-

  • The course was on point and very applicable to my new job. Roland was very knowledgeable when talking about management and his own experiences. I found it very useful as a new manager as he understood what it felt like to start this kind of job. He offered practical solutions and joined HR into the training. The skill/ will matrix was very interesting and I think I'll be using that for my team in future. I've also shown it to my line manager who was very interested.
  • The confidence to deal with staff appropriately and endeavour to get the best out of my team using the methods suggested in the training e.g. SMART feedback. Very good on dealing with difficult/challenging team members.
Target Audience
Managers / People Managers / Senior Staff / This Event is for Brighton & Hove City Council Staff Only
target audience
Course pre-requisites

In order to get the most out of this course, please spend 30 minutes reflecting, making notes or bullet points, on:

  • the challenges you face in managing performance

  • your level of confidence in managing performance

  • your knowledge base as a manager of performance

  • the values you bring to your managerial role

Please come along to the course willing to discuss some of your reflections.

Performance Management online learning is also available.

Hove Town Hall - Training Room G70, Hove Town Hall, Norton Road, Hove
Event Trainers
Katy Friese-Greene
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