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Working with Difficult to Engage Fathers: Gaining Insight and Practical Strategies

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This one and a half day course will give attendees the opportunity to develop practical skills and strategies to build positive working relationships with fathers.  They will hear about the wide ranging implications of meaningful engagement through the latest research and theories, and Q&A sessions with professionals with specialist knowledge/experience. 

Practitioners will consider how a two-way engagement barrier between professionals and fathers can form and will learn how to overcome the challenges this presents.  They will also explore why fathers can be hard to engage and the underlying reasons for their use of anger, aggression and non-engagement.  

The additional half-day will ensure attendees have time to embed the learning into their practice by trying out techniques and strategies, then returning as a group to reflect on their success, as well as discuss challenges.
Start Date
Wednesday 25 September 2019
End Date
Wednesday 13 November 2019
09:30 - 16:30
Learning outcomes

By the end of this course you wil be able to

  • explain how a two-way barrier can form between fathers and professionals and how it can affect meaningful engagement

  • explore concepts of masculinity and their impact on fathers’ relationships

  • identify the positive outcomes of meaningful engagement with fathers across Families, Children and Learning, as well as for your own practice and for the families you support

  • use practical strategies to build a good working relationship with fathers who disengage or present as angry/hostile

  • discuss the possible implications of children having uninvolved fathers and develop strategies to help fathers become more involved

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Target Audience
Children's Services / Children's Services (B&HCC) / Early Years Providers / Social Workers
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Hove Town Hall - Training Room G70, Hove Town Hall, Norton Road, Hove
Event Trainers
Stephen Woodward
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