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Emotion Coaching has been found to help children and young people better understand their emotions, as well as regulate, improve and take ownership of their behaviour. Emotion Coached children and young people:

·         Achieve more academically in school
·         Are more popular
·         Have fewer behavioural problems
·         Have fewer infectious illnesses
·         Are more emotionally stable
·         Are more resilient                                            

                                       (Gottman 1997)

Emotion Coaching can also help practitioners to be more sensitive to the needs of children and young people, create more consistent responses to behaviour, feel more ‘in control’ during incidents, and promote positive relationships between adults and children.

Delegates will be encouraged between Day 1 and 2 to reflect on their learning and experiences. This will involve keeping a reflective diary to consider how you have used Emotion Coaching ‘in the moment’, what went well and what you have learnt through ‘getting it wrong’, which is an important part of the learning process and EC journey.

Between days 1 and 2, you will also need to watch the half hour video here

At the end of the 2 day course, you will consider how you can further embed Emotion Coaching into your work and personal lives and consider how to “adopt” and “adapt” into your professional practice. “you need to practise to improve practice” (Gilbert, 2018)

Please note, this is now a 2 day course. No need to redo if already done the 1 day course.
Start Date
Wednesday 16 June 2021
End Date
Wednesday 30 June 2021
09:30 - 14:00
Learning outcomes
By the end of this course you will be able to

  • recognise where Emotion Coaching fits with the local and national context/strategic drivers

  • review the evidence base for Emotion Coaching, including recent neuro-scientific evidence on supporting children’s self-regulation

  • gain insights into the stress-response system and the foundations for positive well-being and well-being

  • recognise the importance of attunement and meta-emotion awareness

  • describe different emotional styles relevant to Emotion Coaching

  • gain experience of, and develop the skills involved in, Emotion Coaching

  • reflect on your Emotion Coaching journey and plan next steps for continuing this process

Additional information
NB: This course is not aimed at school staff, who can access whole school and central training from BHISS (see BEEM).
Target Audience
Children's Services (B&HCC) / Foster Carers / Learning Disability Services / Social Workers
target audience
Course pre-requisites
Please watch the 5 minute video before the training. We would also like you to consider why you signed up to this training and what you hope to take from it.
Microsoft Teams, online learning session
Event Trainers
Sarah Ahmed / Abigail Bickford-Smith
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