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Children's CPD Module - Observing, Communicating & Engaging with Children & Young People

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To apply for this module please 'request a place' and download the FCL Social Work CPD Funding Application Pack from Attached Documents, complete this and return to by the 23rd July 2021.

This 30 Masters credit level module for social workers and other professionals who need to deepen their capabilities for understanding, engaging and communicating with children and young people in complex, contested and sensitive situations.

You must be in a role where you are regularly engaging and communicating directly with children and young people as the assignment requires reflection on, and evidence from, actual practice. Applicants may have previously undertaken child observation exercises in their qualifying training, but this module offers a much more in-depth and critical experience designed to underpin specialist practice.

Please note - there is a requirement to observe a child not known to you on six occasions as part of this module. You need to factor this in to your planning and discuss with your manager before applying.

This module will be taught in-person at the University.

Dates are draft at the moment and will be confirmed nearer the time.

Further details on CPD modules, pathways and awards here:

Start Date
Tuesday 14 December 2021
End Date
Wednesday 4 May 2022
10:00 - 16:00
Learning outcomes
There will be two key areas of focus within the module:

i) learning about children, childhood and the self through observation and
ii) developing capability in engagement and communication with children and young people. Each informs the other.

Lecture-based presentations will discuss theoretical models in relation to children and their psychosocial world, with reference to contemporary research findings on differing aspects of child development, neurobiology and the impact on children of adverse circumstances.

Workshops will provide the opportunity to critically consider and practice the methods and skills needed for engagement and communication with children within your professional role. Lectures, seminars and directed reading will develop your capacity to read children’s non-verbal communications and to respond creatively and flexibly according to the child’s needs, strengths and preferences.  

You will also develop the following aspects of the ‘Knowledge and Skills’ set out in the Statement from the Chief Social Worker for Children and Families:
1. Relationships and effective direct work
2. Communication
3. Child Development
5. Abuse and Neglect of Children
6. Child and Family Assessment
Additional information

There is a six session observational exercise at the heart of the module will encourage you to hone your observational skills and deepen your capacity to reflect on children’s subjective internal worlds, on interpersonal processes and on the connections between your own emotional worlds and your practice. You will observe a child not known to you and not receiving services or interventions from your own or a similar agency and present a written account within a seminar group.

A learner contract applies to this module. The contract states that you may be asked to repay course fees if you do not complete the module or if you cease employment with the Council within one year of completing the module. You must sign the contract in order to be allocated a place on the module.

Please complete and return the attached university application form and learner contract to by 30th July 2021
Target Audience
Children's Services (B&HCC) / Social Workers
target audience
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University of Sussex, Room TBC by the University, Falmer
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University of Sussex
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