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The Body Speaks: Communication Skills Online

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This is a highly interactive workshop designed to help people to build rapport and increase their influence when communicating online.

Why body language?

The human body is a highly sensitive social communication system. On a subtle, sub-verbal level, trust is gained or lost by how we move, breathe and sound. Our behaviour is physical. It can be used for building positive, engaged relationships over a short space of time. Our reliance on this bio-feedback of physical and vocal behaviour has enabled us to collaborate and create a sense of community over thousands of years. When we relate to others, the body ‘speaks’…!

Why voice?
How we sound reveals what we feel about a particular topic. This is passed on to our listeners. We can enliven others, inspire them or switch them off with the tone of our voice. As we communication more online there is less ‘live’ behaviour available to get to know someone and build trust. We rely more on the pitch and tone of their voice to build a profile of them socially and generate rapport. What was previously just one part of a bigger behavioural ‘system’ is now a primary indicator of confidence and warmth. We are how we sound…!

Why do this workshop?

We are becoming increasingly disengaged from physical/social stimuli as we remain more stationary and in a domestic environment. This leads to unprecedented amounts of social disconnect. Even when we leave the house, we have been covering up our faces in the company of others. Communication with clients, customers and colleagues is often reduced exclusively to a screen. The nervous system will only activate what is being used and closes other systems down. This includes our embodied and vocal responses needed for optimised face-to-face social engagement.
Start Date
Thursday 23 September 2021
End Date
Thursday 23 September 2021
09:30 - 12:30
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Learning outcomes
Over the course participants should expect to…

  • Enhance universal non-verbal behaviours to build trust and rapport in a short space of time

  • Learn to use their voice in a way that enlivens their message

  • Make movement and vocal tone congruent with their message for maximum impact

  • Become aware of distracting physical habits and learn what could change to build trust

  • Assimilate ease in the body with resonant vocal tone

  • Explored the behavioural psychology behind voice/body language and its impact on social engagement

  • Develop a more relaxed and deeper way of breathing to manage their own state and communicate with ease and confidence

  • Feel more relaxed, at ease and at home ‘in their body’

  • Leave with a sense that the principles are fairly easy to implement and feel natural

Additional information
The trainer Ben has a Masters in Voice Studies from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. He also has an advanced Postgrad Diploma in Acting from The Royal Welsh School of Music and Drama and a BA Hons in Dance.

As well as teaching business training, Ben coaches at numerous acting conservatories. He regularly hosts 1-2-1 clients from the world of arts and business.

As an actor, Ben has numerous credits in the West End, for the BBC and ITV and commercials for companies such as Honda, Arla and Ferrarelle.

His Voice and Presence clients include: Google, Marks and Spencers, Deckers, HSBC, Centrica, The Cabinet Office, Pacific Equity Partners (PEP), Velocity Partners and multiple clinical commissioning groups for the NHS.

Ben is passionate about researching and developing what it means to have presence and impact both on stage and off.
Target Audience
Managers / This Event is for Brighton & Hove City Council Staff Only
target audience
Course pre-requisites
Pre course work 

For what to prepare and some thoughts from your trainer…see below!

Please prepare a short pitch/presentation/talk. 2-4 mins. Just a short mock version that is directly applicable to your work.  It might be something that you are working on, an introduction or a section of a larger talk. Something that has an element of needing to inform, engage, influence, persuade another person/group of people in some way. 

Choose specifically who you might be talking to. 

(I am aware the context is a bit artificial and the workshop version might be abridged. Don't worry too much about that. This workshop is less about what the content is and focusses more on how you communicate. We just need some relevant sample material to use in the session.)

Looking forward to working with you soon!

Ben Joiner from City Academy
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Ben Joiner
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