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Preparing to say goodbye: guided conversations about the end of life

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This course provides an opportunity to think about the subject of death and dying.
It focusses on how we can help those we are supporting to talk about this difficult and sensitive subject when they need to.

Conversations about death and dying may not have taken place with family or loved ones for a variety of reasons, and we may find ourselves in the position of needing to respond to a persons' need to discuss their own death but not being sure how to.
These conversations may be planned, or happen in an unprompted way. They may happen once only or over a series of different occasions.   

 This course introduces a 'Guided conversation tool kit' which can help us to navigate this difficult and sensitive topic with the person we are supporting. It aims to increase awareness of situations in which a person may indicate they need to discuss their own mortality, the factors that can impact on how they approach their own death, and provide greater understanding, skills and confidence in knowing how to respond.
Start Date
Wednesday 19 October 2022
End Date
Wednesday 19 October 2022
09:30 - 13:30
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Learning outcomes
By the end of the course participants will:

•       Understand the importance of conversations about the end of life

•       Be aware of factors and contexts which can impact on these conversations

•       Have considered how to use a guided conversation tool within person centred practice

•       Reflected on how to manage limitations and boundaries of your role

•       Understand the importance of recording, and being clear on the next steps

•       Gained confidence in thinking and talking about the end of life

•       Feel better equipped to have these conversations with those you work with and where to seek support
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Target Audience
Adult Social Care Providers / Assessment Services (BHCC) / Care Homes / Care Managers / Carers / CVS / Fire Service / Health / Home Care Providers / Housing Services / Nursing Homes / Occupational Therapists / Police & Probation / Social Workers
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Course pre-requisites
Talking about this topic of death and dying can raise emotional and unexpected issues so please do only share what feels comfortable during the course of the training. We would also recommend that you have a someone you can speak to after the course should this potentially emotive topic bring personal thoughts and feelings to the fore.

  To ensure we are sensitive to the needs of those in attendance, and that the course is suitable for you we would be grateful if you could take the time to complete this pre-course questionnaire:

Pre-course questionnaire

This should take no more than 20 minutes maximum.

We will send you the Preparing to Say Goodbye Guided Conversation toolkit and the training slides in preparation for our time together. In order to participate it is essential that you take the time to read the toolkit because we will refer to it throughout the training. We will also send you two case studies. Please make sure you have these visible on the day because we will be using them to prepare for practice.

If you would like a hard copies of these resources please e mail at least one week prior to the course.
Microsoft Teams, online learning session
Event Trainers
Beatrice Gahagan / Claire Godley / Emily Kenward
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