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AMHP Study Day: Working with People with Eating Disorders as an AMHP

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This CPD session with the University of Brighton is for AMHPs and will be held online. 

During the course will provide answers to the following questions:

·          How do I know if someone has an eating disorder? 

·         What are the features of the different types of eating disorders?

·         Why does someone get an eating disorder and why is it so hard to treat?

·         What are the signs, symptoms, and risks of eating disorders?

·         How do I diagnose and help a patient with an eating disorder?

·         What are the medical risks associated with eating disorders?

·         What are the current national guidelines for eating disorders?

·         How do I assess capacity in eating disorder patients?

·         What about treatment under the Mental Health Act, or Mental Capacity Act?

·         What help and resources are available for someone with an eating disorder?

·          How do I assess someone with eating disorders in a MHAA?

Start Date
Thursday 26 May 2022
End Date
Thursday 26 May 2022
10:00 - 16:00
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Learning outcomes
At the end of the course AMHPs will have:

  • Improved understanding and knowledge base of eating disorders

  • Increased confidence in assessment, treatment and overall multi-disciplinary management of eating disorders

  • Achieved a solid knowledge base around the physical risks of eating disorders and how these are best managed

  • Gained understanding of the national guidelines and treatment protocols for treatment of severe eating disorders

  • Improved understanding of issues around capacity, and the use of the mental health act and mental capacity act, when assessing and managing patients with eating disorders

  • Improved knowledge of resources and help available to people with eating disorders.

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Target Audience
Assessment Services (BHCC) / Mental Health Services / Social Workers
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Course pre-requisites

You must be an AMHP employed by Brighton and Hove City Council to apply through BHCC Learning Gateway. If you are an AMHP employed elsewhere please contact your training department or contact the University of Brighton direct. This course will be shared with ESCC and WSCC AMHPs.

Microsoft Teams, online learning session
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University of Brighton
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