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Time Management Skills for Managers (Microsoft Teams)

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This training will provide you with ideas and practical skills to manage and organise your time more effectively, helping you prioritise those activities which are most important to your success. 

It will be made up of three 90 minute interactive sessions run over Microsoft Teams.

IMPORTANT NOTE - You will need to attend all 3 sessions:-

  • Session 1 - 25 May  - 10.30-12:00

  • Session 2 - 25 May  - 14:00-15:30.  Please note that the meeting invite covers session 1& 2 on 25 May

  • Session 3 - 26 May  - 14:00-15:30

Teams link for session 3: 26 May: 14:00-15:30:
Start Date
Wednesday 25 May 2022
End Date
Thursday 26 May 2022
10:30 - 15:30
Learning outcomes
By the end of these sessions you will be able to:

  •          Adopt appropriate strategies for dealing with interruptions & anything else which 'steals' your time and           undermines your priorities

  •         Plan to be more productive during your 'prime time'

  •         Recognise the variety of causes of procrastination and apply relevant techniques to overcome these, to improve prioritisation

  •         Prioritise your time better by balancing 'urgency' and 'importance'

  •         Clarify and prioritise your objectives and goals, by creating more planning time.

  •         Use practical techniques for organising work.

  •         Analyse time spent in meetings with the aim to contribute more effectively.

  •         Choose assertive responses to different time management & prioritisation situations

Additional information

Please complete a Time Log and have them available prior to the start of this course. This is because the exercises and discussions we will cover on this course are based on the details of your Time Logs. If you don’t complete them, you won’t be able to join in the discussions or benefit from the learning.

Record your Time Logs on 3 separate days, as set out in the instructions at the top of the page. This should only take you 10 minutes per day.

Please make sure you complete the summary sheet on page 3 before you start the course.

Information relating to online session

You will need to be able to access Microsoft Teams and have video, speakers and microphone enabled in order to take part in this course.

Your facilitator (Maurice Markham) will be on video and will use some simple on screen visuals to help focus attention. 

Target Audience
This Event is for Brighton & Hove City Council Staff Only
target audience
Course pre-requisites

Pre-course work

Please complete the Time Log, which will help you be more accurate and specific about how you spend your time during the day, both at work and outside.

You will need to complete it for at least 3 days, and you must have it available at the start of the course as many of the training activities will be based on your time log – please don’t forget to fill it in, otherwise you’ll find it hard to participate fully !

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Maurice Markham
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