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Perfecting Potential - 2 sessions (Zoom) (Cancelled)

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Perfecting Potential

The Why

Perfecting is about making things free from faults or defects, making them as good as possible. In our working or private lives, if we can perfect ourselves by increasing our knowledge about how our minds work and how we can realise more of our potential, it will not only benefit us personally, but also the organisation and all those around us.

Working remotely, being isolated, hours in front of the screen and online meetings, lack of quality time with our colleagues and friends, discussions and meetings made more difficult because they lack the personal touch, lack of real human interaction.

These things have impacted all of us and in different ways. Each one of us is unique and our reactions will be different, but there are common feelings that many people share.

The Who

Senior leaders / managers
This course will help you to understand how and why different people react differently to challenges. It will reveal some vital knowledge about your communication and management / leadership style. You will learn how and why others may be affected in different ways and how to be more effective in your interactions with them.

Teams and team members
Often teams are not working to optimum performance or productivity. Team members need to understand what is happening to themselves and those around them – and particularly the different impact(s) they may have on different people (and vice versa).

Having a common way of thinking, a “common language”, a fuller understanding of what each team member brings and their value to the team is critical in making “the sum greater than the parts”.

The How
The approach is quite different. It starts with laying the foundations of how our minds work. Not in a technical or scientific way (although it is backed up with decades of evidence), but in a completely practical, pragmatic way. A way that will enable you immediately to do something about it – if you want to be more successful, develop more of your potential and refine your interactions with those around you.

It then gives you insight into your own communication and thinking style using the renowned CORE Matrix profiling instrument. It helps you identify your strengths and differences from those around you. It gives you the tools to understand how to make your communications and leadership / management style more effective, whether you are a leader or not. It will help you to establish rapport more easily and effectively with others, whether it’s for everyday work interactions, talking to stakeholders or customers, or your friends and family.

The Result
Get ahead of the curve! Start to realise more of your potential and the potential of the team, achieve more success and satisfaction – and, on the way, reduce stress and build your resilience!

Start Date
Tuesday 28 June 2022
End Date
Wednesday 29 June 2022
10:00 - 12:30
Learning outcomes
By the end of the sessions you will find out more about what you can do about it?

 Session one – two-and-a-half hours

 How our minds work

 In simple, but extremely effective ways

  • What holds us back – particularly, limiting and negative beliefs

  • Taking control of our self-talk – ‘spring cleaning’ things that no longer serve us well and embedding new, positive beliefs that will take us forward and help us achieve our goals more easily

  • How to maximise a positive cycle of achievement

Life strategies

Health and wellbeing

  • Exploring physical, mental and emotional wellbeing

  • The importance of nutrition and how diet can impact our minds

  • Valuing our support networks

  • Introducing the power of default thinking and behaviours and how we can use this information to support ourselves and build resilience

Organising work and managing priorities effectively

  • An adaptation of the Japanese kanban system as a simple strategy

  • Set realistic SMART goals and keep an eye on them to make sure you’re on track – stretch, don’t break!

  • What to do if you feel distracted by ‘something more attractive’

Session Two – two-and-a-half hours

Understanding how different ‘personalities’ can be approach potential and success differently, and what that means in reality – CORE Matrix

  • Explanation of the different quadrants of the CORE Matrix

  • Discussion: we are not ‘one’ quarter, we have all four ‘characters’ within us, however

  • one or two are likely to be our dominant, default way of viewing, and operating within, the world

  • Whole group discussion: Do you recognise yourself in your profile?

  • Break-out rooms: in rooms of the same ‘personality’ participants discuss what their natural strengths are and what they bring to a team.

  • Whole group feedback

  • Break-out rooms: in mixed ‘personality’ groups participants will discuss what and who (personality types) causes them stress and what they need to operate with maximum resilience

  • Whole group exercise on stresses and frustrations

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Target Audience
This Event is for Brighton & Hove City Council Staff Only
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Zoom, online learning session
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Katie Day / Roger Prentis
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