Food Safety Level 2 Award

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This Certificate in Food Safety is only for kitchen staff and those with a main role working in a kitchen and handling food in adults and children's services. Adult social care staff who may handle food as part of their role should apply for Food Safety, Nutrition & Hydration.

This programme will ensure that food handlers meet the training requirements of the Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations 2013 and are fully conversant with the practical procedures and methods of applying food hygiene in the workplace.

Important: Candidates will be required to provide photo ID (eg. Passport / Driving Licence / Work ID) and their date of birth as proof of identity.

Start Date
Wednesday 4 September 2019
End Date
Wednesday 4 September 2019
09:30 - 16:30
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Learning outcomes

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • recognise causes, signs and symptoms of food poisoning

  • explain how to prevent contamination

  • identify good and bad personal hygiene

  • discuss the importance of hygiene in premises, use of equipment and pest control

  • explain cleaning regimes and state the purpose and effect of disinfection

Additional information

The course is of six hours duration and is followed by a thirty minute multi-choice examination paper, which may be conducted orally (oral papers must be requested on application). Candidates achieving twenty or more correct answers will be awarded the Level 2 Certificate in Food Safety in Catering.

Candidates will be required to provide photo ID (eg. Passport / Driving Licence / Work ID) and their date of birth as proof of identity. Important: This is an accreditation requirement and if you do not bring photo ID you will be turned away and a non attendance charge will be issued for the lost place.

Reasonable adjustments: If you require support while in attendance for this regulated event, it is important to let us know as early as possible your requirements. If it is relatively close to the event day when requesting a place, please consider a future event.

Target Audience
Adult Social Care Providers / Children's Services / For anyone where relevant to role
target audience
Course pre-requisites
Hove Town Hall - Training Room G107, Norton Road
Event Trainers
David Taylor
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