Domestic Abuse & Substance Misuse

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This course will enable participants to understand concepts and develop skills to work effectively with service-users who present with domestic abuse and substance misuse issues. Participants will explore the behaviours which constitute domestic abuse, and the ways in which substances are used in the context of domestic abuse. Domestic abuse risk management and safety planning will be considered within the context of working with service-users affected by both issues. Participants will learn to recognise the need to work at community level with effective screening and signposting on to relevant services.

Start Date
Friday 5 April 2019
End Date
Friday 5 April 2019
09:30 - 16:30
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By the end of this course, you will be able to:

• identify the issues facing clients who are affected by both domestic abuse and substance use, and how these issues may affect or obstruct their access to appropriate service provision

• outline strategies and skills appropriate to addressing presenting needs of clients who are experiencing domestic abuse and problematic substance use

• approach the dual issues in an integrated way through partnership working and effective referral processes.


Additional information

Please note the venue for this training has restricted access for wheelchair users. Alternative venues can be used on request.


To discuss your requirements talk to a member of the Pavilions Health Promotion training team on 01273 731900 or email

Health Promotion / Pavilions do not provide lunch - only very basic tea and coffee (with cow’s milk only). If you have any specific dietary requirements or want anything else, please bring whatever you need for the day. Thank you.

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For anyone where relevant to role
target audience
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9 The Drive, Hove
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Claire-Louise Mackay / Agnes Munday / Ben Pickersgill / Chris Smith
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