Court Work Skills for Social Workers

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This course will be delivered via Skype for Business for children's social workers whilst the current social distrancing restrictions are in place. 

The session will be run between 11.30am - 1.00pm with a break for lunch and will then resume again 2.00pm - 3.00pm.

In order to make decisions regarding the steps that should be taken to secure the safety and well-being of a particular child, practitioners need a sound understanding of the law as it pertains to children, particularly that which governs the Family Courts. This course offers an introduction to the main principles, orders and legal processes that relate to children including the Children Act 1989 and the Adoption and Children Act 2002. Communicating effectively within this context is also crucial and this course provides an opportunity to practice oral evidence giving in a safe and supportive environment.


Start Date
Friday 22 May 2020
End Date
Friday 22 May 2020
11:30 - 15:00
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Learning outcomes

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • demonstrate an understanding of ‘significant harm’ and the ‘threshold criteria’

  • identify the range of Orders available in child protection and their application within the court

  • demonstrate an understanding of the law relating to adoption and permanency planning, particularly the Adoption and Children Act 2002

  • explain the significance of case law and its importance for the legal process

  • describe how to prepare for a hearing

  • recognise how to conduct yourself around the court room

  • demonstrate skills in giving evidence in a confident manner, using clear and simple language

  • practice how to avoid pitfalls and withstand cross-examination

Additional information
This presentation will be delivered using Skype for Business, so please check the Course Pre-requisites below before the session.
Target Audience
Children's Services (B&HCC) / Social Workers
target audience
Course pre-requisites
This presentation will be delivered using Skype for Business, so please check the following before the session:

  • You have access to Skype for Business on your device

  • You have a working microphone and camera

  • Questions can be asked during the session via the messaging box

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Trainer Crown Office Row / Francis King
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