Working with Substance Users whose behaviour challenges us

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This online course is aimed at anyone who might find themselves faced with someone using alcohol or other drugs, whose behaviour they find challenging and difficult to manage.
Start Date
Thursday 23 September 2021
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Thursday 23 September 2021
13:30 - 16:30
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Learning outcomes
Here are the learning outcomes:

  • Recognise the range of behaviour that we find challenging and what might be some of the reasons why they are challenging to us

  • Identify the contributing factors and unmet needs that might lead to aggression/anger/rage

  • Recognise the signs of rising anger/danger

  • Discuss practical ways of managing a difficult situation and building rapport when someone is behaving in an angry/aggressive manner

  • Identify supportive anchors when working with behaviour that challenges

  • List ways of looking after yourself following an incident

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Target Audience
Adult Social Care Providers / Assessment Services (BHCC) / Children's Services / For anyone where relevant to role / Housing Services / Mental Health Services
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Zoom, online learning session
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Agnes Munday
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