BHSCP - Adverse Childhood Experiences and An Introduction to Trauma Informed Practice

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This two hour session, delivered via MS Teams, is for anyone working with children and young people. It will cover Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and introduce Trauma Informed Practice as a way of working to avoid re-traumatising those who have experienced adversity and trauma and promote a strength based and collaborative approach to interventions.
Start Date
Tuesday 9 November 2021
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Tuesday 9 November 2021
10:00 - 12:00
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Training Objectives

-To understand ACEs and long term trauma which can occur as a result

-To understand the impact this can have on emotional and behavioural regulation and self-esteem

-To examine the impact of early childhood trauma on brain development and the risk this presents if no protective factors are in place.

-To introduce tools we can use to apply this knowledge in our day to day practice with the aim of working in a Trauma Informed way to try to ensure better outcomes for those young people (and adults) in our communities who have experienced childhood adversity

If you apply what you have learnt in this training you will be able to identify signs of trauma in young people and be mindful of the impact this can have on behaviour we may see in home, school or the wider community. You will be able to understand the impact of inter-generational trauma and use this to understand latent vulnerability within families. You will be able to use the Trauma Informed model to help develop trusting relationships with those you are working with and ensure interventions are based around an inherent belief in a person’s ability to move forward with the right support and the presence of an Emotionally Available Adult.
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This course is for professionals working with children and young people e.g. education staff, probation, social workers
Target Audience
Assessment Services (BHCC) / Brighton & Hove City Council Staff / Carers / Children's Services / Children's Services (B&HCC) / CVS / Early Years Providers / FE Providers / Fire Service / For anyone where relevant to role / Foster Carers / Health / Home Care Providers / Housing Services / Learning Disability Services / Managers / Members / Mental Health Services / New Starters / Occupational Therapists / People Managers / Police & Probation / Registered Managers / Schools / Senior Staff / Social Workers / Trainers
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Course pre-requisites
Microsoft Teams, online learning session
Event Trainers
Natasha Schroeder
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