Recognising and Supporting Parents in Conflict

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This one day training course is part of the Reducing Parental Conflict Programme, and is composed of modules 1-3 of this programme.
The course explores how to recognise the signs of parental conflict at the early stages, and how to discuss parental conflict with parents. It highlights how to support parents in finding constructive outcomes which are shown to provide positive lessons for children to learn, such as negotiation skills and compromise. It focuses on practising the skills of handling conversations with parents in conflict using tools and techniques to enable parents to resolve destructive conflict with positive outcomes.
Start Date
Wednesday 11 January 2023
End Date
Wednesday 11 January 2023
09:30 - 16:30
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Learning outcomes
By the end of this course you will be able to 

  • know what is meant by parental conflict and why this matters

  • discuss why constructive conflict is okay and the signs that a relationship may be in distress

  • discuss what the evidence base tells us about parental conflict

  • develop skills to recognise and identify the impact on children

  • identify the stressors that may lead to parental conflict

  • identify the level of conflict encountered and describe the most appropriate support to offer

  • support couples experiencing parental conflict and be empowered to act, report or refer should domestic abuse be disclosed/identified

  • recognise the role of fathers / male carers in a child’s life and understand the importance of including co-parents in all forms of co-parenting couples

  • Understand your role and responsibilities in discussing parental conflict with parents, to help them understand the impact of conflict on their children

  • practice how to approach conversations that may arise around distressed relationships

  • recognise relationship distress at an early stage and when it is potentially damaging

  • know about the local and national resources available to support parents whose relationship is in conflict

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Target Audience
Children's Services / Children's Services (B&HCC) / CVS / Fire Service / For anyone where relevant to role / Housing Services / Learning Disability Services / Mental Health Services / Police & Probation / Schools / Social Workers
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Microsoft Teams, online learning session
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Dan Geer
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