Charges & Cancellation

Course, online learning and programme access may be restricted to certain groups and services, please see the full details of each course or elearning for further information. Where charges apply, these are displayed against each course or programme in five price tiers and are applied dependent on your service or role. These are listed below. 
Tier 1 Services
  • Brighton and Hove City Council employees 

Tier 2 Services

access to adults training programme:

  • Private,volunatry and Independent adult social care services that contract with Adult Social Care and that
    are registered or have a business address within the City
  • Housing related support services that contract with Brighton and Hove City Council
  • Personal Assistants working in the city and family carers that are resident in Brighton and Hove

access to children's training programme:

  • Children’s Community & Voluntary Sector based in Brighton & Hove
  • Children's Centres (non-council services)
  • Foster carers

Tier 3 Services

  • Brighton and Hove City Council Schools, Sussex Partnership Foundation Trust Integrated services

Tier 4 Services

  • Private and independent adult social care providers that do not contract with Brighton and Hove City
    Council based in Brighton and Hove
  • All other community and voluntary sector organisations based in Brighton and Hove
  • Housing related support services based in Brighton and Hove that do not contract with Brighton and Hove City Council.
  • Partner services in the city: Health partners;  Police; Probation; Fire Service; Further Education and Higher Education
  • Non council schools in Brighton & Hove

Tier 5 Services

all other services including:

  • Private sector services not listed above
  • Out of city services

Access to health promotion training and online learning is fully funded for local providers with approved accounts, where appropriate and unless advertised differently.

If you are not listed, feel any courses have been inappropriately restricted or need any further assistance please contact us at
For online learning enquiries please contact us at
Cancellation Policy 
At Brighton and Hove City Council we understand there will be occasions that make it impractical for people to attend a course at short notice i.e. sickness. However, we experience 15% non-attendance across our training programmes. In the current financial climate these costs cannot be absorbed without consequence, even if a course is free to attend.

Therefore cancellations must be made 5 or more full working days (working days are Monday to Friday) before the course start date, otherwise non-attendance / late cancellations charges apply
As an example, a place on a course that starts at 9am on a Monday morning needs to be cancelled before 9am the previous Monday to avoid a charge.  For half-day courses or courses that start later in the day, for example at 11am on a Tuesday, cancellations need to be made before 11am the previous Tuesday ie one full weeks notice.

Where training places are funded and attendance is offered free of charge:
Late cancellation (as described above) without substitution or non-attendance on the day will incur a standard fee, unless advertised differently, of £50 per day or session.

For courses where attendance is chargeable:
Where course charges apply and have been paid upfront by credit / debit card, these fees are non-refundable for any cancellation made after booking & payment.  If the cancellation (without substitution) is received before 5 full working days of the course start (as above) we will offer an alternative place at no charge or provide a credit for a future booking.  Payments refunds will only apply if the event is cancelled or not delivered by us.

Where payment is not collected in advance for chargeable courses, any fees will be invoiced (or processed by journal)


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