Asset Based Work with People in Communities

Asset based approaches are central to modern social care practice and the ethos of the Care Act.

What does it mean to use an asset based approach when working with people in communities?

Come and find out more on the the workshop Asset Based Work with People in Communities 

After attending this workshop you will be able to:

  • define asset-based working in social care practice
  • explain how asset-based work can support key aims within social care policy and legislation
  • give an overview of different approaches to asset-based work with individuals and communities
  • outline key skills that practitioners need in order to identify and build upon the strengths of individuals and communities in frontline work
  • outline evidence supporting asset-based work in social care, including benefits for individuals, communities and financial investment
  • reference case studies and know where further information and practice examples are available
  • identify enablers and barriers to asset-based work with individuals and communities
  • plan how to put this learning into practice

Date 23/3/18

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