Clinical Skills Workshops

New Clinical Skills Workshops. 

 Sussex Community Foundation Trust and Brighton & Hove City Council are offering four new clinical skills awareness workshops for 2018. The sessions will be running at the Friends Centre in central Brighton

The one day interactive workshops are for anyone who provides frontline support to a person with their care needs either in their own home, residential service, day service, extra care housing, or respite service. The workshops will be delivered by an NHS Clinical Skills Lead with a focus on assisting you to increase your awareness of how base line observations and care can support people who may have a health related need. 
 The days will offer advice on understanding some medical conditions how to recognise changes in a person’s condition in order to provide assistance or to call for further support. It will also highlight preventative measures to promote the wellbeing of that person and promote good practice. 

The workshop will involve demonstrations of equipment and will include the opportunity for you to practice using it and recording data in a meaningful way along with the next steps.

Diabetes and Podiatry. Click here for more info and to apply: 28th June all day 
The Deteriorating Patient. Click here for more info and to apply: 5th September all day

Oral Hygiene, Dysphagia, Nutrition & Respiratory Conditions. Click here for more info and to apply: 27th September all day

Tissue Viability, Frailty and Keeping Mobile.  Click here for more info and to apply: 30th November all day


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