COVID-19 Risk Assessment Guidance for Training Participants (last updated March 22)

COVID-19 Risk Assessment Guidance for Training Participants

We are following the latest government guidance to ensure that face to face training is delivered in the safest possible way. Risk assessments and the required control measures are in place however, to protect everyone on the course, it is essential that all delegates read and follow the guidance below and refer to Government Guidance on how to stay safe and help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Important: Delegates are asked to take the following steps to reduce the risk of catching and spreading COVID-19:

  • Please do not attend training if you feel unwell, have COVID-19 symptoms, have tested positive or are awaiting a test result.
  • If you have tested positive for COVID-19 you are no longer legally required to self-isolate. However, please stay at home if you can and avoid contact with other people.

Staff with vulnerabilities and those anxious about attending training

If you were previously considered as clinically extremely vulnerable or are at higher risk of becoming seriously ill if you contract the virus due to other vulnerabilities or pregnancy, you should only attend training, if your Individual COVID-19 Risk Assessment has been reviewed with your manager. This will need to determine whether it’s appropriate, and safe for you to attend and whether any additional control measures are required. You are also advised to follow medical advice and the latest government guidance for pregnant workers and vulnerable people.

If you are anxious or have any concerns due to your personal circumstances about attending face to face training, you should discuss this with your manager and an Individual COVID-19 Risk Assessment can be used to support such circumstances. If necessary, we can arrange for you to transfer on to a future course.

When do I need to wear a face mask?

Whilst there is no longer a legal requirement to wear a face mask, the Government suggests that you continue to wear one in crowded and enclosed spaces, especially where you come in to contact with people you do not usually meet, when rates of transmission are high.

  • Staff attending face to face training events are supported to wear a face covering/mask but are not legally required to wear one for the duration of the course or while at the venue.
  • However, when attending health and safety courses, for example, First Aid, Safer People Handling, where you are in close proximity to other delegates, you will be required to wear a face mask for short periods of time during practical activities.  Face masks will be provided. The masks provided offer some level of protection to the wearer so these must be worn instead of the delegate’s own face covering
  • People that are medically exempt from wearing a face covering/mask and are unable to wear a face mask for short periods of time, will need to contact the Learning & Development team before booking on to health and safety training, to discuss what reasonable adjustments can be put in place. This is to ensure the safety and comfort of all delegates.
What do I need to bring to the training event?

  • Your own pen and paper
  • Refreshments including a bottle of water as we can’t provide any at this time
  • Warm clothes (layers that can be added or removed) because windows and doors will be kept open to ensure the room is well ventilated.
What am I required to do when I arrive at the training venue?

  • Report to reception / training room, adhere to good practice and wash/sanitise your hands on arrival at the venue. Sanitiser is also available in the training room.
  • Coats or surplus clothing should be placed on the back of chairs or stored neatly under desk/chair. Appropriate cleaning wipes are available for delegates to wipe their desk, chair etc. if they so wish. Delegates to only use one chair/table during the course.
For Brighton Town Hall only - delegates arriving earlier than 15 minutes before the start of the session will need to wait outside. After this time, delegates should report to reception and go to the Volks Room on the 1st floor. There is a lift available (numbers are restricted to only 1 individual in the lift at any time). 

For Montague House only - delegates will need to enter Montague House by using the wooden gate on Somerset Street. This will be open on the day.  Behind the wooden gate is the back door into the manual handling training room.

Cleaning arrangements

Training venues are following government guidance and have cleaning arrangements in place. The trainer will ensure that all equipment used for training is cleaned and sanitised in accordance with the latest COVID-19 guidance.

What happens if I become unwell at the venue?

You must inform the trainer and your manager and go home immediately. If you have any queries or concerns, please e-mail If any of the guidance be updated, we will notify you prior to the course date of any changes.

Lateral Flow Testing

From 1st April 2022 free testing for most people will no longer be available.  If you take a Lateral Flow test (LFD) before attending training and the test result is positive, please do not attend training. You are also advised to inform your line manager, stay at home if you can and avoid contact with other people, in-line with guidance for People with COVID-19 and their contacts.  You can email to transfer your booking to another course, free of charge. 



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