Brighton & Hove City Council Employee Induction Programme

The overall aim of this page is to present information to you in a digestible way, with signposts and links to those things that we feel are most relevant in those early days of employment.

When people join a new organisation, or start a new role in the same organisation, there is a lot of new information to absorb, new people to meet, understand what’s expected of you in your role or just find out how some of the work place basics operate - printers, passes, photocopiers and the like.

In a complex organisation such as the council, there are different requirements, based on your role, where you work and what your responsibilities are. Some of these apply to everyone – health and wellbeing, some aspects relate to your position in the council – finance systems training for budget holders.

Most organisations have a series of events/training to welcome people. Brighton and Hove is no different and details of what is available can be found below. Most importantly, do not forget to ask your manager or immediate colleagues if you need any information or guidance.


What’s included in the BHCC Induction Programme?

The Brighton & Hove City Council Induction Programme is a series of short elearning modules on essential themes and information. It has been designed to fit into your normal working day, it’s easy to access and simple to complete.

With the exception of two face to face courses; Being an Employee in BHCC and Being a Manager in BHCC, the programme is made up of a series of elearning modules each lasting between 20 - 40 minutes:

  • Introduction to Brighton & Hove City Council
  • DSE
  • Policies and Support
  • Information Governance
  • Health & Safety
  • Fraud Awareness
  • Introduction to Equality and Diversity
  • Additional modules for managers
  • Specialist Induction

You can join either the Induction learning pathway for employees or for managers which will provide links to all courses and elearning you will need to complete as a new starter

Induction for BHCC employees (non management)

Induction for BHCC managers


Specialist Induction

In addition to the above induction programme, staff in certain services may have additional induction requirements

Care Certificate for Adult Social Care Provider Services
Adults Assessment Induction Guide

Induction to Families, Children and Learning


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Use this calendar to find courses that start on a particular date.