Brighton and Hove City Council Employee Induction Programme

The Induction Programme is aligned to the Appointment Support Procedure for existing employees placed into a new role and the Probationary Period for new starters to the organisation.

Your local induction will follow the Workplace Induction Checklist. This has recommended timings to help you to plan. The council’s employment policies and procedures and links to other useful information is contained within this site. Use the search facility to find.

Orbis staff have a seperate induction checklist as part of the Orbis Engage Induction Programme

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Induction for all Brighton and Hove City Council staff

The induction programme is a series of short elearning modules and virtual training sessions on essential themes and information. It has been designed to fit into your normal working day, it’s easy to access and simple to complete. 

With the exception of our "Welcome Session for New Staff"  the programme is made up of a series of elearning modules each lasting between 20 - 40 minutes:


New manager?

If you're a new manager, our induction programme is for you. It's aimed at newly recruited managers and existing employees who have recently changed job roles.

It contains mandatory training that must be completed - find out more here


Specialist Induction

In addition to the above induction programme, staff in certain services have additional induction requirements:

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Adult Services

Care Certificate for Adult Social Care Provider Services
Adults Assessment Induction Guide

Families, Children and Learning
e-Induction to Families, Children and Learning



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