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We continue to deliver the majority of our course programme online with a few essential courses running face to face at this time.

To view our courses for adult social care and housing providers based in Brighton & Hove, please browse the course catalogue listed to the right of the screen to see available events

We also have elearning available. See the elearning catalogue or browse courses curated specifically for adult social care and children’s services

Guidance & Mandatory Training Requirements

Mandatory Training for Adult Assessment Services       
Training Guidance for BHCC Provider Services
Core and mandatory training guidance from Skills for Care

Mandatory Training for Health & Adult Social Care Directorate

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Mandatory courses and webinars
Mandatory elearning

Sussex CCG Infection Prevention and Control Training

If you're a health worker or social care worker - whether in a Hospice, residential care or nursing home, or working in a person’s own home to support care needs, you need a thorough understanding of how infections spread and how you can stop them.

This Prevention and Control of Infection training gives you an in-depth understanding of how to prevent the spread of infection. You'll cover things like causes of infection, cleaning methods, waste disposal and infection control laws and policies.

The training has been developed specifically for people working in community residential or in home health and social care sector.

It is particularly useful if you're a health care assistant, health care worker or a social care worker and meets the health and social care act requirement to undertake statutory mandatory training.

The training will be live and take place online via MS Teams. You will have the opportunity to interact with the trainer and ask questions.

Content includes:

  • Health and social care act – code of infection prevention
  • Infections and routes of transmission
  • Hand Hygiene and hand health
  • Equipment and environmental decontamination
  • Linen and waste management
  • Sharps injury
  • Supporting your clients, patients, customers to help reduce the risks of infection
  • Personal health responsibilities
  • You will be sent an email on the day of the training containing the link to attend the event. Webinar access details will be sent to all registered attendees.
See available dates and book 

Reablement in Brighton & Hove

Brighton & Hove City Council in partnership with The Brighton & Hove Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) have developed a reablement workbook for care homes.  A very special thanks to Birch Grove nursing home for working with us and piloting the workbook.

The workbook covers definitions, principles and the reablement journey . The workbook also includes lots of information and exercises and links to a range of resources and learning.  By completing the workbook you will be able to:

Understand common medical conditions
  • Describe common medical conditions that may affect a person
  • Recognise how a medical condition can impact on reablement
Understanding outcomes:
  • Describe what is an outcome
  • Know how outcomes are set
Recognise how to support and review a service user’s progress including:
  • Know how and where to record information about the person
  • Know when and who to refer concerns regarding the person’s progress.

Download the workbook here

A word version is available on request, please contact 

Mental Capacity Act Competency Framework

The Brighton & Hove Safeguarding Adults Board and East Sussex Safeguarding Adults Board has adopted the National  Mental Capacity Act Competency Framework.

The framework:
  • Helps clarify the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for the successful implementation of the Mental    Capacity Act.
  • Provides a format for managers and staff to have structured conversations about competency in relation to the Mental Capacity Act.
The framework is a useful aid to continuing professional development.
East Sussex Fire and Rescue - Membership Available

The East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service Care Providers Fire Safety Scheme has been created to improve fire safety in the homes of the people who are at most risk of being victims of fire. It builds upon their existing Home Safety Visit programme by engaging with organisations, public, private and charitable, to help identify people to whom ESFRS can direct its free of charge services.

Care providing organisations who become members of the scheme are participating in a partnership that will improve the safety and well being of their own clients. This partnership will be recognised by the provision of free of charge training and recognition of the organisations participation. Membership is an ideal way in which corporate social responsibility can be enhanced. The Scheme is entirely voluntary both in respect of members and clients. The Scheme is nonstatutory and therefore has no bearing on any other requirements that may or may not be applicable
to individual organisations who become members.  Click here for the application

Healthy Weight Coach - elearning

elearning on healthy weight coach training has been developed by OHID and NHS. This is free training available to all people wanting to support clients with safe and effective weight loss within their existing role.

Access the elearning here:  

Restore 2

What is Restore2?

Restore2 is a physical deterioration and escalation tool designed to help people working in community settings identify physical deterioration early and get the right support in the right timescale for the people they provide care and support for.

Restore2 has five components, these are:
  • Soft Signs of deterioration
  • What’s normal for a resident
  • National Early Warning Score (NEWS)
  • A clear escalation pathway; and
  • A structured communication tool
A care home manager and GP Kent share their experience: RESTORE2 has enabled us to develop a consistency of language which places the resident at the centre of the discussion. This in turn enables us to plan care more efficiently and work with a collaborative approach - with great outcomes

Want to know how you can improve outcomes for the people you support or find out more about Restore2?  Please join our free virtual Restore2 training session  here or contact for more information

Free Webinars 

Stop Look Care

FREE 90-minute training on how to use Stop Look Care to enable and empower good health care decision making and promote longer and healthier lives.

Do you support people with a learning disability? People with a learning disability experience more health conditions and are more likely to die of conditions that are treatable or preventable. Learn how to spot the signs of deteriorating health quickly and communicate what you think has changed to get the right health care promptly.

Stop look care is recognised by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence and CQC to enable people working in social care setting to monitor health and spot changes that need a health professional. This training has been developed based on local and national learning from LeDeR (learning from lives and deaths programme).
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Skills for Care
Masterclass series
Social Media, Recruitment & Retention 

Series of exclusive free masterclasses exploring how to use different social media platforms to boost your recruitment and retention. Delivered by Paul Ince, Digital Marketing Strategist and Consultant 

Twitter – 14 June 2022, 10:00 – 11:30 Book now

LinkedIn – 05 July 2022, 10:00 – 11:30 Book now

TikTok – 02 August 2022, 10:00 – 11:30 Book now

Data Protection and GDPR

Access to care records, and the use of data and technology are fundamental to health and social care delivery, therefore the Care Quality Commission will assess how safely they are used, and how well-led care providers are in terms of information governance.

Question C3.3 from the Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOE) asks: “How are people assured that information about them is treated confidentially…?” And question W2.8 asks: “How does the service satisfy itself that it has robust arrangements… in line with data security standards?”

6th July 2022 at 1430

 How confident are you that your data protection is up to scratch? 

Watch this short video and decide for yourself, then join our free webinar to hear how to stay compliant.

Data Protection - National Data Opt-Out Webinar

The national data opt-out gives everyone the ability to stop health and adult social care organisations from sharing their confidential patient information for reasons other than providing their individual care and treatment. It was introduced on 25 May 2018 in line with the National Data Guardian’s recommendations but it did not apply to social care. However, this is about to change.

All CQC registered adult social care providers in England must be compliant with this policy by 31 July 2022.

29th June 2022 at 1430 - 15:30
Wed, 13 July 2022 14:30 – 15:30
Complete your DSPT to 'Standards Met' in your lunch hour

If you previously published your DSPT at Approaching Standards (or Entry Level), you have to get to Standards Met in order to republish your DSPT. You cannot publish at Approaching Standards more than once. It is a temporary arrangement to help you to get to Standards Met.

The deadline for publishing your 2021/22 DSPT is 30 June 2022, but we strongly advise you to start your review now to give you time to complete.

By completing your DSPT, you will provide evidence that you meet all of the minimum legislative requirements of the DPA and UK-GDPR as well as some cyber security best practice. Standards Met is the level that all care providers should be aiming for as it demonstrates that they also meet the health and social care data security standards.

This webinar and interactive workshop will guide you step by step to completion and publication of your toolkit to standards met.

This event is part of the Better Security, Better Care programme, funded by NHS Transformation Directorate to support data and cyber security across the adult social care provider sector.

23rd June at 12.30

Wed, 20 July 2022 12:30 – 13:30 

NHS Mail Masterclass for Social Care Providers

NHSmail is a free, secure email system that is available to all CQC- registered care providers in England who have achieved Approaching Standards on the Data Security and Protection Toolkit.

This Masterclass was designed to help you with the following:

Getting set up with a new mailbox
How to access your account and set up the shared mailbox
How to do password resets
How to obtain additional accounts
How to go about joining, moving and leaving a site
Where do you need go to raise requests or get the correct support?

21/07/2022 at 11.00

Recruitment & Retention Forum 14 January 2022
- Notes and Links

Below are the notes from the recent Recruitment & Retention Forum hosted by Brighton & Hove City Council.

The notes include the presentations, contact details and useful information from the speakers including:

  • Workforce Development Recruitment & Retention fund update as of the 14/1/22
  • Karen Stevens – Skills for Care Locality Manager – “Making the most of national and local recruitment campaigns” – signposting to opportunities to enhance your recruitment by making the most of campaigns and sharing some ideas to ensure you aren’t missing a trick
  • Carla Butler- Head of Skills and Employment – City Employment Skills Recovery Plan and intro to councils Employment Hub and Education Hub
  • Department of Work and Pensions - Useful links, their Transfer into Care campaign, jobsfairs, events, toolkits and a link to the updated benefits calculator
  • Notes Recruitment & Retention Forum 14/1/2022