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BH 22/003 

An ally is an individual who is not a member of a particular under-represented group themselves, but who uses their power, voice and privilege to support that group (or multiple groups) – be that people from the LGBTQ+ community, women, older people, people from an ethnic minority background or those with a disability. Allyship is all about valuing people from different backgrounds and learning about their lived experiences, so that we can stand in solidarity with them and ensure they are heard, seen and valued. 

Being an ally is an active and ongoing process, and action can be taken at all levels, such as challenging in the moment to supporting individuals who are  on the receiving end of micro-incivilities and providing feedback to perpetrators of inappropriate behaviour. This course explains what it means to be an effective ally and shows how workplace allies can help tackle things like micro-aggressions, bullying, harassment and other inappropriate behaviour, and help to make the workplace more equitable and inclusive.

This training will give a better understanding of:

  • the different minority and marginalised groups to whom we can be allies
  • what it means to be an effective and inclusive ally
  • the importance of awareness, empathy, action and authenticity when acting as an ally
  • the different actions that allies can take to support people from minority or marginalised groups.
  • how to use the ‘Open The Front Door’ communication framework to challenge inappropriate behaviour
  • the importance of taking on board feedback and learning from our mistakes when being an ally.

Full Description
Fair and Inclusive
Online Learning in Development 
Target Audience
Brighton & Hove City Council Staff
For anyone where relevant to role 
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