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Code: BH 17/025 Accessible Information - Course by e-LfH

The Accessible Information Standard became law in 2016 and this course will help social care and health staff understand their legal duties.

This course is mandatory for all staff in BHCC Health and Adult Social Care. 

It will also be of interest to staff who engage with public, including those in the independent and voluntary sector as it considers how to support people who have a disability, impairment or sensory loss with information.


The new accessible information guide has been developed by Brighton & Hove City Council to improve our communications with people and help us meet our legal duties under the accessible information standard for health and adult social care services. The standard defines a consistent approach to make sure people with a disability, impairment or sensory loss can access and understand the information they need.


The guidance has been broadened to make it relevant for everyone to use. It includes suggestions to improve the way people communicate face-to-face, on the phone and in writing, as well as advice on producing information in different formats (such as large print, audio, easy read, translations or braille), or providing interpreters and other communications support.


Note: Gateway cannot mark this course as complete or issue a certificate for completion.



Code: BH 20/052 An Introduction to Coaching (Skill Boosters)

Coaching is a development approach that is focused around helping people to recognise and draw on their own resources in order to face the challenges and demands of their job.


As such, it represents an investment in building the capacity of your people and developing the long-term skills and abilities of your workforce and can be particularly effective for people who are new to a leadership or management role. In this short course, psychologist Sarah Lewis shows how coaching conversations can support your training and development goals and demonstrates key techniques and strategies through a series of dramatised conversations.

Code: BH 17/041 Continuing Healthcare Funding (CHC)

This course is mandatory for all staff undertaking Care Act assessments


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Continuing Healthcare (CHC) Funding is National Health Service funding available to individuals to pay for their package of care and support when their primary support needs are due to their health needs.



Eligibility for Continuing Health Care Funding means that the provision of services that meet a person's health and social care needs are funded and delivered by the NHS and who has governance of this delivery.



Correctly identifying eligibility for Continuing Healthcare (CHC) Funding has financial benefits for the individual who might otherwise be self funding their care. It is illegal for a local authority to fund and provide care to those eligible for CHC funding (people who have a primary health care need) and without correct identification of people who might be eligible, the local authority might illegally fund and provide care to people, which would impact on the Community Care budget. Therefore, staff in Brighton & Hove City Council Assessment Services have an important role in identifying individuals who might be eligible for CHC Funding.



Note that as these courses are external, Learning Gateway has no control over these modules and cannot record any progress you make so will not be able to mark this course as complete.

Code: BH 18/024 Growing as a manager

This OU course will provide an introduction to the foundation skills and knowledge you need when becoming a manager.


Note: the course will not show as complete on the Learning Gateway



Code: BH 18/021 Management and Leadership: Develop a business plan and build an effective team


Developing plans - and building, supporting, growing and improving teams to deliver them - is a key part of management and leadership. This online course will show you how.

It has been developed by The Open University Business School - a pioneering institution that is triple accredited by AMBA, EQUIS and AACSB - and the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) - the leading authority on management and leadership in the UK.


This free, external course is part of the Open University Management and Leadership, Essentials program, which will enable you to earn a CMI Level 5 Award - the first step to Chartered Manager status. 

Note: This course cannot mark as complete on Gateway.



Code: BH 17/024 Prevent Elearning

This course is for all councillors and local authority staff who engage with the public. All such staff are expected to complete this elearning if you have not attended the face to face Workshop to Raise Awareness of Prevent (WRAP).


It is also relevant to other public facing services in Brighton & Hove. 


Note: This is an external course. Gateway cannot mark it as complete or provide a certificate of completion.



Code: BH 21/021 Psychological Support for Yourself and Others

This provides an overview of the elearning available to support pyschological wellbeing.

Code: BH 15/100 QR Codes

This course is aimed at anyone wishing to promote awareness, disseminate information, publicise an event or save time and money


QR codes can be used by almost all modern mobile devices to pass on or link to information.


This information will take less than 20 minutes to read. 



Note: This is an external course. Gateway cannot mark it as complete or provide a certificate of completion.



Code: BH 20/077 Suicide Awareness

This course links to training from the Zero Suicide Alliance.


Gateway Module is a 5 minute introduction which could give you the skills to help someone considering suicide. It will give you tips on how to approach someone if you are worried they may be considering taking their own life.


ZSA Suicide Awareness Training is a more in depth session of about 20 minutes. It aims to give you the skills and confidence to help someone who may be considering suicide. It focuses on breaking stigma and encouraging open conversations. 

Code: BH 18/023 What is Leadership?


This OU course will help you discover more about yourself and others as we explore:

  • Why is leadership different to management?
  • What is effective leadership?
  • What types of power are needed to be a leader?
  • How can you influence other people at work?
  • How do individual differences shape the way people see leadership?


Note: This is an external course and will not mark as complete on Gateway