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Code: BH 20/042 1. Read this first (FAQ, Coronavirus, PPE, New Starters)

This section brings together elearning courses to equip staff with some of the knowledge and skills needed to undertake new or temporary roles during the Covid-19 outbreak. Press continue to see

- frequently asked questions

- coronavirus elearning

- information for managers of new starters in BHCC Adult Social Care and FCL Adult Leraning Disability Services

Code: BH 20/070 Basic Life Support: Adults

These modules look at how to respond to and support adults in the event of a medical emergency. Care and support staff in adult provider services are expected to have knowledge about the administration of basic life support. These modules, provided by the British Red Cross will help staff working in a range of settings to recognise when someone is experiencing a medical emergency and the required response.

Please note: As these modules are not hosted on the Learning Gateway there is no certificate of completion. Undertaking these modules is not a substitute for practical first aid training and does not qualify you as a workplace first aider. It is the responsibility of the manager to ensure that there is sufficient first aid cover in the workplace.

In the event that you are faced with a situation where you need to support someone in an emergency, you must only do so if you feel confident and competent to do so.

Code: BH 22/005 Calendar Etiquette

This short eLearning course has been designed to give you some tips in managing your calendar more effectively and is available to all staff. 

Code: BH 16/018 Care Certificate: Person Centred Values (Captivate)

This course is aimed at staff who are new to Care and Support or Health roles. 

This course is relevant to staff in provider services. It is particularly relevant to staff new to adult social care.

There are 15 standards included in the Care Certificate. Some will be partly covered in the modules for Person Centred Values and others are supported by other elearning or formal training courses.

The Person Centred Values course covers a number of components from the following Care Certificate standards:


  • Standard 1 - Understand Your Role
  • Standard 2 - Personal Development
  • Standard 3 - Duty of Care
  • Standard 5 - Work in a Person Centred Way
  • Standard 7 - Privacy and Dignity

Code: BH 20/148 Fire Safety 2022

This online learning module has been developed specifically for Brighton and Hove City Council Staff and Schools Staff only, so may be unsuitable for others.  

If you have completed this course in 2021 and wish to take it again, please use the Retake Course button if it is available. 

This module is designed to provide an overview of good fire safety practice at work. By the end of the module you will be able to:

  • Identify potential fire risks to yourself and colleagues
  • Describe how fire starts and behaves
  • Explain what to do on discovering a fire
  • Explain what to do on hearing a fire alarm
  • Describe types of fire-fighting equipment and how to use them

This course will work on any device but does require popups to be enabled.

Code: BH 20/062 Fluids and Nutrition

This presentation is for Care Crew new starters, working under Covid-19 social distancing circumstances, who need to have a good basic understanding of nutrition and hydration. Please note, there is no certificate of completion.

Code: BH 22/013 Infection Control by SCIE - For Adult Social Care staff

Infection prevention and control are essential to prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). This video-based course for care providers in care homes and home care will teach you about the spread of infection and what you can do to protect both yourself and the people you care for.

Understanding infection control will provide you with the tools to help prevent COVID-19 from spreading.

You will need a SCIE account, unless you already have one, to access this eLearning course.  Clicking on the eLearning link in this course will allow you to register for an account / login to your SCIE account.  Once your account is set up you will be able to access the eLearning course by following their instructions.

This is an external elearning course so please be aware that it cannot mark as complete on the Learning Gateway.  There is no certificate available on completion of this course.  Your SCIE account will record your completion of this course. 

Code: BH 20/138 Information Governance, GDPR and Cyber Security 2022

This module must be completed by all staff. Checks will be made that this module has been completed.   

If you have taken and completed this course before, please use the Retake Course button if it is available. 

In the course you will learn how to:

  • Identify personal data and special category data
  • Understand what is different about criminal offence data
  • Understand the use of Data Protection Impact Assessments
  • Create strong passwords and keep them safe
  • Keep information safe when using technology
  • Manage records using BHCC best practice

In order to complete this module you will need to complete the Quiz with a score of at least 80%. 

Code: BH 15/061 Introduction to Health and Safety for new council staff, councillors and schools staff

This online learning module has been developed specifically for Brighton and Hove City Council Staff, Councillors and Schools Staff only, so may be unsuitable for others. 


This course is part of the Induction Programme. It is aimed at new staff and councillors who should complete it within the first three months of their employment. All staff should look at this module every three years. 

The course is an introduction to Health and Safety at Brighton & Hove Council.

It covers:

  • Health and Safety legislation
  • Our Health and Safety policies
  • Where to get further advice and guidance 

This module will take about 45 minutes to complete.


Code: BH 21/070 Lone working safety course (iHasco)

This CPD accredited Lone Worker Safety Training is an essential eLearning course that helps lone workers to stay safe when commuting and working. It covers planning ahead, diffusing tension, recognising signs of aggression, handling emergencies, and a variety of actions they can take to care for their mental and physical health whilst working alone, no matter what the location.

Code: BH 20/043 Medication

Medication elearning is now available to adult social care services in Brighton & Hove. The training is nationally recognised and has been commissioned by Health Education England to support the social care sector during the COVID-19 outbreak. Whilst the restrictions on social contact are in place and face to face training is suspended the titles below are a replacement for face to face training.

Four titles are available, click on the links below for more information:

Medicines use in Care Homes 1: aimed at all care home staff managing medicines. The course supports the implementation of the recommendations in the NICE Guidance on Managing Medicines in Care Homes. There are eight modules, three case studies and a final exam with a 70% pass mark. A certificate of completion will be issued upon passing the course.

Medicines use in Care Homes 2: builds upon the above course and is aimed at all care home staff involved in the administration, recording, ordering, storage or any other aspect of medicines use. There are six modules, three case studies and a final exam with a 70% pass mark. A certificate of completion will be issued upon passing the course.

Medicines use in Care Homes 3: follows on from courses 1 & 2 with a focus on high risk and specialist medicines requiring specific administration and/or administration techniques. The course has six modules, two case studies and a final exam with a 70% pass mark. A certificate of completion will be issued upon passing the course.

Managing Medicines for Adults receiving Social Care in the Community: There are two courses in this title, (1) a foundation course and (2) practical issues relating to medication administration. Each course consists of modules, case studies and a final exam with a 70% pass mark. A certificate of completion will be issued upon passing.

All of the titles take 2 – 3 hours to complete.

Please note, these courses are not hosted on the Learning Gateway and consequently the Learning & Development Team is unable to assist with technical queries relating to accessing these courses. Certificates for these courses are available through the above links and are not held on the Learning Gateway.



Code: BH 21/021 Psychological Support for Yourself and Others

This provides an overview of the elearning available to support pyschological wellbeing.

Code: BH 20/029 Safeguarding Adults

All people who support adults who are at risk of abuse or neglect should know how to safeguard them from harm.

This not only includes front line staff working in adult social care services but anyone who provides services to people including adults, for example, housing, leisure, libraries or reception staff.

This course aims to raise your awareness of how we safeguard adults in Brighton & Hove.

The course will take about 60 minutes to complete and uses a series of questions and scenarios.

Code: BH 20/126 Safer Handling of Children - Interim COVID-19 Distance Learning

This course is suitable for Children’s Services and CVS practitioners and carers whose role involves lifting and handling of children and must be completed before undertaking any handling of children in the workplace.


It is an introductory course offered as a partial replacement to the suspended face to face Safer Handling of Children basic awareness training. The course covers the knowledge and theory elements of the basics of safer handling of children & young people, the importance of safe practice for your own health and wellbeing and for the children & young people you support. It gives an overview of what not to do and descriptions of correct safer handling of children & young people procedures.


There is a multiple choice assessment to be completed at the end of the course. You must obtain 80% in order to pass the course and can take the assessment multiple times.


After completing this elearning course and passing the online assessment you must not undertake a safer handling of children task in your workplace until you have been assessed as competent to do so by a suitably experienced and trained member of staff in your workplace.




Code: BH 18/013 Volunteering within Brighton & Hove City Council

This course is aimed at anyone who works with volunteers


People of all ages in Brighton and Hove  volunteer in a wide range of activities in the city from caring to sport. 

The council values the work that volunteers contribute to building stronger, more resilient communities. 

Their work in the city and with the council is invaluable, they bring added value to services through their skills and life experiences and they improve the city in which we live and work.

Through the council's Volunteer Policy and Toolkit, we provide a consistent approach to volunteering in the city. 

This elearning module will give you a broad overview of the council's volunteering process. 

You'll also acknowledge the commitments and responsibilities of involving volunteers within your service. Through this, you will be able to take the Volunteer Toolkit and use it to maximise volunteering opportunities within your service.