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Code: BH 20/027 An Introduction to Brighton & Hove City Council

This is part of Brighton & Hove City Council's Induction Programme.
This course will give you an understanding of Brighton & Hove, the city council and the way it works as well as a feel for the diversity and range of services we offer.

This course is mandatory for all new staff and councillors and staff are advised to review it at least once every three years.

Code: BH 17/025 Accessible Information - Course by e-LfH

This course has been commissioned by the Department of Health and is hosted on an external site. Please click on the link below to access the training.

As the course is externally hosted it is not possible to track usage through the Leaning Gateway but managers should monitor completion through PDPs and 1:1 discussions.

There are two courses. The introductory course explains the Accessible Information Standard and is mandatory to all staff in Health and Adult Social Care.

The second course is optional and builds upon your learning developing ideas to effectively support people with their communication needs.

Code: BH 21/061 Climate Change

Welcome to the mandatory, all-staff e-learning module on climate change.

The council has committed to becoming Carbon Neutral by 2030. This target includes helping the wider city reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This module looks at:

  • what climate change is 
  • what causes it
  • the local and global impacts
  • actions communities and governments are taking to combat it

The information will equip you with knowledge and actions to tackle the climate and biodiversity crisis in your role at Brighton & Hove City Council.

Code: BH 20/136 Display Screen Equipment 2021 (DSE course by iHasco)

This DSE eLearning is aimed at BHCC staff, councillors and schools staff who use display screen equipment for a significant part of their job. DSE users should refresh their training every 3 years.

This course forms part of the Induction Programme and new staff identified as DSE users, must complete this eLearning training and a DSE Self-Assessment form within one week of starting work. This will help the DSE user to identify any risks associated with DSE and set up their workstation correctly. DSE Self-Assessment & Risk Assessment Form 

In addition to new starters, the following groups of DSE users must also complete the DSE e-learning and a DSE Self-Assessment Form. 

  • People who use DSE as a regular part of their work but have never completed the e-learning, including staff who 'hot-desk', home workers, agency workers and people on work experience
  • Staff who have recently moved or changed their workplace

Code: BH 21/012 Fair and Inclusive Mandatory Staff Briefing – recording

Fair and Inclusive Mandatory Staff Briefing - recording

Code: BH 20/148 Fire Safety 2022

This online learning module has been developed specifically for Brighton and Hove City Council Staff and Schools Staff only, so may be unsuitable for others.  

If you have completed this course in 2021 and wish to take it again, please use the Retake Course button if it is available. 

This module is designed to provide an overview of good fire safety practice at work. By the end of the module you will be able to:

  • Identify potential fire risks to yourself and colleagues
  • Describe how fire starts and behaves
  • Explain what to do on discovering a fire
  • Explain what to do on hearing a fire alarm
  • Describe types of fire-fighting equipment and how to use them

This course will work on any device but does require popups to be enabled.

This course is mandatory for staff in Brighton & Hove City Council HASC provider services and must be taken annually.

Code: BH 20/061 Inclusive Leadership (Skill Boosters)

If we think about diversity as being the 'mix', then an inclusive leader is one who is able to actively draw out and use the knowledge, skills and insights of this diverse mix. Inclusive leaders do this by creating an inclusive workplace culture, building inclusive relationships both within their immediate team and beyond, and eliminating the impact of unconscious bias on their decisions.

Produced in partnership with leading business psychology consultancy Pearn Kandola, this ground-breaking training contains up-to-the-minute insights from pioneers in the field of inclusive leadership, combined with original drama demonstrating inclusive leadership in action and tools for developing inclusive leadership skills at all levels of your organisation.

This course is mandatory for all new Brighton & Hove City Council managers. 

Code: BH 20/138 Information Governance, GDPR and Cyber Security 2022

This module must be completed by all staff. Checks will be made that this module has been completed.   

If you have taken and completed this course before, please use the Retake Course button if it is available. 

In the course you will learn how to:

  • Identify personal data and special category data
  • Understand what is different about criminal offence data
  • Understand the use of Data Protection Impact Assessments
  • Create strong passwords and keep them safe
  • Keep information safe when using technology
  • Manage records using BHCC best practice

In order to complete this module you will need to complete the Quiz with a score of at least 80%. 

Code: BH 15/061 Introduction to Health and Safety for new council staff, councillors and schools staff

This module is a simple introduction to Health and Safety at Brighton & Hove Council. It will help you understand
 •Health and Safety legislation
 •Our Health and Safety policies
 •Where to get further advice and guidance
All staff must complete this module every three years and new staff must complete it within the first three months of their employment.

Code: BH 21/054 Introduction to Microsoft Teams

Whether you’re new to Teams, or a frequent user looking for some extra tips and tricks, these bite-sized videos offer a complete introduction to the fundamentals of Teams and how you can use it to confidently and effectively collaborate with your colleagues. 

Narrated by Sam Gathern, each video focuses on a different area of the Teams collaborative workspace.

This course is mandatory for all staff new to Brighton & Hove City Council. 

Note: this course will not mark as complete

Code: BH 20/085 Mental Capacity Act (2005) Introduction

The Mental Capacity Act (2005) - Introduction

This course provides an overview of the Act and is relevant to staff supporting adults who may at times lack the capacity to make certain decisions.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • describe the five key principles of the Mental Capacity Act (MCA)
  • explain the relevance of the key principles to your work practice
  • describe good practice in supporting people making decisions
  • describe the two-stage test for capacity
  • describe some of the relevant measures in making best interest decisions

The Mental Capacity Act (2005) concerns individuals 16 years and over with an 'impairment or disturbance in the functioning of the mind or brain', who may at times lack the capacity to make a specific decision.  Professionals supporting such people have a duty to abide by the Mental Capacity Act and have regard to the Code of Practice.

Staff in HASC provider services must complete either the elearning or face to face Mental Capacity Act Briefing every three years. 

Code: BH 15/044 Policies and Support

This module is part of the Brighton and Hove City Council's Induction Programme.
This course will give you an understanding of Brighton and Hove, the city council and the way it works as well as a feel for the diversity and range of services we offer.

This course is mandatory for all staff new to Brighton & Hove City Council. 

Code: BH 22/006 Recruitment & Selection

Recruitment & Selection 

This course is mandatory for those staff on recruitment panels.  It includes the face to face recruitment and selection course content, apart from the interview skills practice session.  In addition it also covers virtual interviews now that many more staff are working remotely.  Teams may find themselves in a position where recruitment is essential for the team to continue to function, and during these times they still need to recruit.

Let's get an overview of recruitment costs in the Public Sector, taken from the CIPD’s (Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development) Resourcing & Talent Planning Survey published in September 2021, before starting this elearning course.

Recruitment costs per hire (median average costs including resourcing time, advertising costs and agency/search fees):

2021 Public Sector           Senior Managers: £2,000               Other employees: £1,000

2020 Public Sector           Senor Managers: £3,000                Other employees: £1,500

The survey reports that recruitment costs have reduced significantly over the last year in all sectors, and this may be due to Covid-19 - less hires and more cost-efficient processes, e.g. interviewing virtually, however, the survey reports that there has been a trend of reduced costs over the last 10 years (in 2011 these were £5K and £3K respectively).  There will always be a cost attached to recruitment so getting it right is important. In addition to those costs quoted above you will also have the additional costs.  You will have to train and induct someone into their new role and at the same time consider the productivity impact as someone new starts and begins to pick up their new role. 

If you work with vulnerable Adults and /or Children you must also complete the Safer Recruitment elearning course.

Code: BH 18/004 RIsk Management

Everything comes with some kind of risk. To grasp an opportunity you almost always have to take a risk. RM is all about measuring those risks, managing them and weighing them against the potential value of the opportunity.

By the end of this course you will know the Risk Management Process,  what you are expected to do, how to do it and where to find out more.

This course is mandatory for all new managers. 

Code: BH 20/029 Safeguarding Adults

All people who support adults who are at risk of abuse or neglect should know how to safeguard them from harm.

This not only includes front line staff working in adult social care services but anyone who provides services to people including adults, for example, housing, leisure, libraries or reception staff.

This course aims to raise your awareness of how we safeguard adults in Brighton & Hove.

The course will take about 60 minutes to complete and uses a series of questions and scenarios.

Staff in HASC provider services must complete either the Safeguarding Adults elearning or Safeguarding Adults Basic Awareness course every three years. 

Code: BH 15/083 Safer Recruitment (Lectora)

This module covers the requirements needed to ensure that people who may pose a risk or who are unsuitable to work with children or adults at risk, are not recruited by Brighton & Hove City Council.

All managers in Children's Services and Adult Social Care who have responsibility for recruiting staff must complete the Safer Recruitment elearning module annually.

Code: BH 20/056 Working with the Equality Act (Skill Boosters)

The Equality Act legally protects people from harassment, victimisation and discrimination in the workplace and in wider society on the grounds of certain 'protected characteristics'. These are: age, race, disability, religion or belief, sex, gender reassignment, pregnancy and maternity, marriage and civil partnership and sexual orientation.

Using a combination of drama and commentary from leading psychologists and equality and diversity experts, this course looks at the key provisions of the Act and how organisations can use their legal obligations as a springboard to create truly inclusive working environments, enable staff to achieve their potential and to deliver excellent service to customers.

This course is mandatory for Brighton & Hove City Council staff.