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Code: BH 20/052 An Introduction to Coaching (Skill Boosters)

Coaching is a development approach that is focused around helping people to recognise and draw on their own resources in order to face the challenges and demands of their job.


As such, it represents an investment in building the capacity of your people and developing the long-term skills and abilities of your workforce and can be particularly effective for people who are new to a leadership or management role. In this short course, psychologist Sarah Lewis shows how coaching conversations can support your training and development goals and demonstrates key techniques and strategies through a series of dramatised conversations.

Code: BH 21/022 Assert yourself (Skill Boosters)

Being assertive rather than passive or aggressive can help us deal with difficult situations and behaviours in a positive and constructive way.

Code: BH 21/080 Brighton & Hove Sexual Health and Contraception Service (SHAC)

This two minute video provides an overview of the services provided by SHAC.

Code: BH 20/072 Building Trust (Skill Boosters)

Trust is essentially our belief in the reliability, honesty or ability of another person or group of people, and the level to which we trust those around us is critical to the success of our collaboration and relationships with them. Just as there is a virtuous circle that comes from building trust with people, likewise when trust is damaged in some way, relationships can quickly deteriorate, resulting in people feeling detached and disengaged from each other, not sharing resources or information or even working against each other.


Designed with a particular focus on new leaders but suitable for all staff, this course looks at how trust develops, its importance in working relationships and what we can do to improve our own ability to build and maintain it.

Code: BH 15/121 Business Continuity

This course is aimed at managers but all staff may find it informative.

The course covers the key concepts of Business Continuity and demonstrate how to complete your Business Continuity Plan. A Business Continuity Plan is essential to ensure that critical business functions can continue should unforeseen events occur.


This module will take about 30 minutes to complete.

Code: BH 15/064 Care Act 2014

This course is aimed at anyone working in a caring role or who work with those who do. 


Note: This course is about the Care Act. This is not the same as the Care Certificate which is a different course.



The Care Act 2014 builds on recent reviews and reforms, replacing numerous previous laws, to provide a coherent approach to Adult Social Care in England. The Act and its Statutory Guidance consolidates and modernises the framework of care and support law. It set out new duties for local authorities and partners and new rights for service users and carers. 


The course covers the Act which aims to:

  • Outline clearer, fairer care and support
  • Place the emphasis on Wellbeing – physical, mental and emotional needs of both the person requiring care and their carers
  • Demonstrate how to prevent and positively offset the need for care and support
  • Put people in control of their care

This online learning course has 11 modules for you to access. You can complete any modules that are relevant to your role in any order.  Each module should take about 30 minutes to complete. 

These elearning modules are aimed at Professionals and Practitioners; the people who work, care, support and volunteer in:

• Adult Social Care
• Health
• Local authority partner organisations
• Social care providers
• Housing
• Support organisations in all sectors


Note: You will be issued with an Course Achievement Badge for each completed module.

There are resources connected to each module and a separate Resources section which contains information about the Care Act.


Code: BH 16/018 Care Certificate: Person Centred Values (Captivate)

This course is aimed at staff who are new to Care and Support or Health roles. 

This course is relevant to staff in provider services. It is particularly relevant to staff new to adult social care.

There are 15 standards included in the Care Certificate. Some will be partly covered in the modules for Person Centred Values and others are supported by other elearning or formal training courses.

The Person Centred Values course covers a number of components from the following Care Certificate standards:


  • Standard 1 - Understand Your Role
  • Standard 2 - Personal Development
  • Standard 3 - Duty of Care
  • Standard 5 - Work in a Person Centred Way
  • Standard 7 - Privacy and Dignity

Code: BH 18/008 Challenging Behaviour (Skill Boosters)

This course may be useful for anyone experiencing difficult working relationships. This course is part of the councillors induction pathway.


Challenging Behaviour: Dealing with bullying and harassment in the workplace.


It features dramatisations based on actual experiences.

Please note: this resource focuses on inappropriate behaviour between colleagues, rather than that involving customers and clients.


By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • understand what inappropriate behaviour (bullying and harassment) means in the workplace
  • identify the effects of inappropriate behaviour on individuals and organisations
  • list some of the reasons why people bully and harass
  • understand how to deal with people who behave inappropriately.

Code: BH 21/081 Change, Grow, Live

This eight minute video provides an overview of the work of Change, Grow, Live.

Code: BH 15/119 Chaperone Training

This course is aimed at all adults who would like to chaperone children in the entertainment business.


Please read the Gateway account instructions that you have been given carefully.  If you can not access thie elearning it maybe because you have not set up your Gateway account correctly.


The onine learning course covers:
  • Licences
  • The Law and its effects
  • Role of the chaperone
  • Child Safety

Code: BH 21/061 Climate Change

Welcome to the mandatory, all-staff e-learning module on climate change.

The council has committed to becoming Carbon Neutral by 2030. This target includes helping the wider city reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This module looks at:

  • what climate change is 
  • what causes it
  • the local and global impacts
  • actions communities and governments are taking to combat it

The information will equip you with knowledge and actions to tackle the climate and biodiversity crisis in your role at Brighton & Hove City Council.

Code: BH 20/009 Communication and Recording

This course is aimed at people wanting to develop or refresh their knowledge of communication including people who are completing the Care Certificate


It will help you to meet the Care Certificate Standard 6 - Communication and Recording.

Code: BH 21/032 Conflict resolution (iHASCO)

This course is free to council staff and some business partners. However, others will have to pay a small charge to access this course.

Conflict Resolution skills enhance productivity, problem solving and they help to improve and repair personal and working relationships.

Code: BH 21/065 Creating Accessible Documents (external)

This elearning from our Orbis Partner, Surrey County Council, is useful for everyone. 


This course will give a better understanding of:

  • Why it is important to create documents that are accessible for all staff, customers, service users and residents
  • How to use the functions in Microsoft Word to make the documents you create accessible
  • The correct way to convert your document into a PDF file and retain the accessible formatting


The course applies to documents such as PDFs, Word, Excel etc that are being put online. 


Web pages and documents for printing or offline use have similar concerns. While they are not fully covered here many of the same principles apply to them.


This introduction focuses on the issues most frequently encountered and that will provide the greatest benefit if fixed.



Code: BH 19/012 Deaf Awareness

We hope this short series of YouTube videos will help you become more deaf aware. It suggests useful ways of working and communicating with deaf or or hard of hearing people.


Everyone's experience is different so this course should be seen as the start of a journey. It is not meant as a definitive description. 


Please suggest any content you think we should include here. We especially welcome feedback from the deaf community.

Code: BH 17/035 Effective Minute Taking

This course is aimed at anyone wishing to write minutes


The aims of this module are to give you more confidence in taking notes and being part of the meeting, and to enable you to enhance your skills in writing up concise minutes

  • Be aware of the need for good planning, preparation and presentation
  • Take notes in a manageable format
  • Feel more confident in writing up the minutes - organising the material, using the structure, writing clearly and use of correct language

Code: BH 21/023 Facing anger and emotion (Skill Boosters)

It’s an unavoidable fact of life that we’ll come up against angry people or emotionally charged situations from time to time. It could be on the front line of customer service, dealing with a volatile colleague or managing interaction with a dissatisfied client. Whatever the situation, it can be hard to decide the best course of action when we’re faced with explosions of temper, rudeness and aggressive behaviour – but being able to do so is a key part of effectively managing our working relationships.




Using a combination of drama and expert analysis, this course looks at why people react with anger and provides guidance on dealing with emotionally charged situations and finding a way forward.

Code: BH 20/117 Future of Work - Dealing with Stress

Working from home can come with some unique challenges.

In this module, we're going to look specifically at the potential impact of remote working on stress and wellbeing, and what you can do to minimise your levels of stress.

Code: BH 21/045 How to be more productive (skillbooters)

Code: BH 22/009 How to challenge (Skills Booster)

Challenging others constructively in the workplace is a natural and healthy aspect of the collaborative process, indeed exercising the right to challenge others can help to boost our motivation and engagement. We may find challenging daunting, but a constructive challenge typically improves rather than worsens situations, and demonstrates a level of responsibility and emotional investment in our work. This course looks at how to challenge effectively by considering what’s stopping us from challenging in the first place, the different ways in which we can challenge, and the situations in which each of these challenges might be appropriate, and explores strategies and techniques to give us the confidence to express our opinions in a way that is both professional and constructive. 

Code: BH 15/124 Introduction to OHMS

This course is aimed at Housing staff who use OHMS.

This course will help you to use OHMS.

Northgate - OHMS is a case management system that allows departments within Brighton & Hove City Council to share information online.


This course has one module for you to access. 

This module will take about 30 minutes to complete. Following the module is a short quiz.

Code: BH 18/038 Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS)

This course is aimed at council staff


Note: this course is in development - however in the meantime council staff may find the presentation included to be useful. 

Code: BH 20/006 Management of Contractors

This online learning module has been developed specifically for Brighton and Hove City Council Staff and Schools Staff only, so may be unsuitable for others.  



This course is aimed at anyone who is involved with procuring and managing contractors to undertake works or provide services to the council.

Contractors help us with many business activities, or in maintenance, cleaning, catering and other day-to-day tasks. 

This course will help you: 

  • Understand the legal requirements of managing the health and safety of contractors 
  • Be familiar with the council’s policy on contractor management and the management standards required
  • Be more confident to monitor health and safety when managing contracts or monitoring the contractors performance


The various sections describe what is meant by a contractor, highlight the legal requirements, and outline the council’s contractor management framework.  There is also an optional Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM) module, which focuses on construction project requirements.


Code: BH 20/127 Menopause - lived experience (by Skill Boosters)

These Lived Experience videos are intended to be useful for everyone. 


Women of different ages and backgrounds talk about their experiences going through the menopause and the effects that has had on their work and personal lives.



Code: BH 20/095 Microsoft 365: Excel for Windows

See what's new in Excel, download templates, and get tips, help, and training on Excel, including info from pros on YouTube channels.


Please note, this course will not mark as complete on the Learning Gateway.

Code: BH 20/097 Microsoft 365: Outlook

Set up and customize Outlook, create and send email, organize your inbox, and manage your email, contacts, tasks, and calendar


Please note, this course will not mark as complete on the Learning Gateway.

Code: BH 20/099 Microsoft 365: PowerPoint for Windows

Create, share, and co-author presentations, create slides, tables, and animations, and insert pictures and videos.


Please note, this course will not mark as complete on the Learning Gateway.

Code: BH 20/098 Microsoft 365: Word for Windows

Jumpstart your project with templates, work with others on documents, and find help, training, and tips for using Word.


Please note, this course will not mark as complete on the Learning Gateway.

Code: BH 20/082 Motivating People (Skill Boosters)

We are all are motivated by different things. At the most basic level, we’re driven by simple needs – such as being safe or having enough to eat – but once these fundamental requirements are satisfied, what motivates us or gives us purpose varies considerably from person to person, and workplaces are made up of individuals with very different and sometimes contradictory motivators.


Understanding individual motivation and how it affects our behaviour and engagement at work is a key skill for leaders who want to attract and retain talent, maximise productivity and steer their organisations through periods of change and uncertainty.

Code: BH 20/030 Neurodiversity in the Workplace (ADHD, ASC, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Tourettes, Autism)

This course contains useful links on neurodiversity. Because the content is external this course cannot mark as complete on Gateway. 

The elearning covers the topics

  • Autism
  • Neurodiversity in the workplace
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Autism Spectrum Conditions
  • Dyslexia
  • Dyspraxia
  • Tourette's Syndrome

Code: BH 20/094 OHMS - Create a New Person

This module takes you through the process of searching OHMS for see if a person is already on the system and if not, how to add them and generate a PIN (Person Identification Number).


Code: BH 18/005 PIER - Employee Access Guides

PIER (Personal Information and Employment Resource) is the HR system used by all Brighton & Hove City Council staff and councillors, providing online access to HR processes, Learning & Development and Payroll information.

The PIER system has many benefits and enables staff to:

  • View payslips
  • Change bank details
  • Update equalities information
  • Maintain emergency contact information
  • Improve sustainability by reducing the amount of paperwork

This course is designed to provide a quick overview to PIER Self Service Employee Access.

Note: Managers should also complete the PIER Manager Access Overview elearning course

Code: BH 22/006 Recruitment & Selection

Recruitment & Selection 

This course is mandatory for those staff on recruitment panels.  It includes the face to face recruitment and selection course content, apart from the interview skills practice session.  In addition it also covers virtual interviews now that many more staff are working remotely.  Teams may find themselves in a position where recruitment is essential for the team to continue to function, and during these times they still need to recruit.

Let's get an overview of recruitment costs in the Public Sector, taken from the CIPD’s (Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development) Resourcing & Talent Planning Survey published in September 2021, before starting this elearning course.

Recruitment costs per hire (median average costs including resourcing time, advertising costs and agency/search fees):

2021 Public Sector           Senior Managers: £2,000               Other employees: £1,000

2020 Public Sector           Senor Managers: £3,000                Other employees: £1,500

The survey reports that recruitment costs have reduced significantly over the last year in all sectors, and this may be due to Covid-19 - less hires and more cost-efficient processes, e.g. interviewing virtually, however, the survey reports that there has been a trend of reduced costs over the last 10 years (in 2011 these were £5K and £3K respectively).  There will always be a cost attached to recruitment so getting it right is important. In addition to those costs quoted above you will also have the additional costs.  You will have to train and induct someone into their new role and at the same time consider the productivity impact as someone new starts and begins to pick up their new role. 

If you work with vulnerable Adults and /or Children you must also complete the Safer Recruitment elearning course.

Code: BH 21/020 Relating to customers (Skill Boosters)

If your customers are dissatisfied with the service they get, they will probably never tell you directly. Instead, they will simply take their custom elsewhere and may choose to share details of their bad experiences online. In a world where customers have a huge choice of suppliers and a wide range of options for sharing their views, no organisation can afford to offer poor service. 

Code: BH 15/083 Safer Recruitment (Lectroa)

This course is aimed at all managers with recruitment responsibilities and managers in Children's Services and Adult Social Care.

It is strongly recommended that all managers complete Safer Recruitment as it describes good recruitment practice.

This course covers the requirements needed to ensure that people who may pose a risk or who are unsuitable to work with children or adults at risk, are not recruited by Brighton & Hove City Council.


This module will take about 30 minutes to complete.

Code: BH 15/063 Stress Management and Wellbeing

This online learning module has been developed specifically for Brighton and Hove City Council Staff, Councillors and Schools Staff only, so may be unsuitable for others.  


This is useful for people who may be feeling the symptoms of stress or who recognise the signs of stress in others.


These practical resources may help you with your emotional and physical health at work, particularly when dealing with the impact of changes to you and your team. Many of the resources are self-help, some can be used in partnership with managers, colleagues and peers, and other resources, courses or workshops can be arranged through our Workforce Development Team


This module will take about 20 minutes to complete.

Code: BH 16/003 Supporting Children with English as an Additional Language (EAL)

This Supporting Children with English as an Additional Language in the Early Years elearning module is aimed at EAL Practitioners and those who work with refugee and newly arrived families and children.  It may also be informative and useful for all staff who work in schools and in Early Years.


This course explains how to ensure children with English as an Additional Language (EAL) have and make a positive start during their early years.

The elearning module covers;

  • Bilingualism and multilingualism
  • What Parents Say
  • Parent Worries
  • Good Practice
  • Examples of the experiences and stories of children with EAL
  • What EMAS does

In addition there are also some useful resources


Code: BH 18/013 Volunteering within Brighton & Hove City Council

This course is aimed at anyone who works with volunteers


People of all ages in Brighton and Hove  volunteer in a wide range of activities in the city from caring to sport. 

The council values the work that volunteers contribute to building stronger, more resilient communities. 

Their work in the city and with the council is invaluable, they bring added value to services through their skills and life experiences and they improve the city in which we live and work.

Through the council's Volunteer Policy and Toolkit, we provide a consistent approach to volunteering in the city. 

This elearning module will give you a broad overview of the council's volunteering process. 

You'll also acknowledge the commitments and responsibilities of involving volunteers within your service. Through this, you will be able to take the Volunteer Toolkit and use it to maximise volunteering opportunities within your service. 


Code: BH 17/028 Working in a Diverse Community


These resources on diversity should be useful for all staff and residents


In Brighton & Hove we are proud of our many diverse communities.

Even so, there are still issues around discrimination and ignorance.

This course will contain learning from a variety of different communities. This will help inform many and eradicate discrimination and prejudice.

Note: This course is not intended to mark as complete.

Code: BH 15/116 Working with us to develop Online Learning

Online Learning has many advantages over traditional methods of learning


Benefits include learning that is:
 •  Cost effective
 •  Efficient and flexible
 •  Measurable - includes testing and certification
 •  Accessible
 •  Easy to update when needed
 •  Created in the way you want


The Learning Technologies team produces online learning for BHCC and our partners.  We design and develop in-house elearning and How To Movie content and production to deliver high quality learning.  The team brings many years of industry experience and the skills and knowledge to provide guidance on all aspects of end-to-end online learning development, including necessary technical support and promotion. 


Using your expertise as Subject Matter Experts we can develop elearning for your team.  You give us the content and we will design and develop for you.
Alternatively, if you'd like to try online learning development, we will guide you through the development process, show you how to access Authoring Tools, advise on which software to use, take you through the Quality Assurance process and more.


The Learning Technologies Team can:
 •  Develop cost effective online learning for your team
 •  Help you produce your own elearning and How To Movies for your audience, no matter how large or small
 •  Provide both specific and agregated reports on achievement and knowledge gaps

Please select Continue to access our Online Learning Project Documents
Contact the Learning Technologies team: Tel: 29 1405/1404/1302  Email:

Code: BH 21/073 Your Performance Management & Development at BHCC (121s and PDPs)

This course is aimed at Brighton & Hove City Council staff


This module will give you all the information and guidance you'll need to understand how we go about individual performance management at Brighton & Hove City Council and where to find what you'll need on the Wave.

(If you are Orbis Staff you will follow the Orbis approach to performance management.)