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Code: BH 20/027 An Introduction to Brighton & Hove City Council

This is part of Brighton & Hove City Council's Induction Programme.
This course will give you an understanding of Brighton & Hove, the city council and the way it works as well as a feel for the diversity and range of services we offer.

Code: BH 22/003 Allyship

An ally is an individual who is not a member of a particular under-represented group themselves, but who uses their power, voice and privilege to support that group (or multiple groups) – be that people from the LGBTQ+ community, women, older people, people from an ethnic minority background or those with a disability. Allyship is all about valuing people from different backgrounds and learning about their lived experiences, so that we can stand in solidarity with them and ensure they are heard, seen and valued. 

Being an ally is an active and ongoing process, and action can be taken at all levels, such as challenging in the moment to supporting individuals who are  on the receiving end of micro-incivilities and providing feedback to perpetrators of inappropriate behaviour. This course explains what it means to be an effective ally and shows how workplace allies can help tackle things like micro-aggressions, bullying, harassment and other inappropriate behaviour, and help to make the workplace more equitable and inclusive.

This training will give a better understanding of:

  • the different minority and marginalised groups to whom we can be allies
  • what it means to be an effective and inclusive ally
  • the importance of awareness, empathy, action and authenticity when acting as an ally
  • the different actions that allies can take to support people from minority or marginalised groups.
  • how to use the ‘Open The Front Door’ communication framework to challenge inappropriate behaviour
  • the importance of taking on board feedback and learning from our mistakes when being an ally.

Code: BH 21/060 Carers Centre

This video is aimed at anyone who wishes to know more about the Carers Centre or who cares for people or has a caring role. 


Note: This course cannot mark as complete. 

Code: BH 21/061 Climate Change

Welcome to the mandatory, all-staff e-learning module on climate change.

The council has committed to becoming Carbon Neutral by 2030. This target includes helping the wider city reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This module looks at:

  • what climate change is 
  • what causes it
  • the local and global impacts
  • actions communities and governments are taking to combat it

The information will equip you with knowledge and actions to tackle the climate and biodiversity crisis in your role at Brighton & Hove City Council.

Code: BH 20/132 Creating elearning modules with the Adapt Authoring Tool

This course is aimed at Brighton & Hove City Council staff.

We have access to the Adapt Authoring tool from Kineo. It can be used to produce responsive elearning for use within Gateway or other locations. 

This tool is available to all council staff. It has a gentle learning curve and is quite easy to use. 

For access please write to

The elearning team will be pleased to give you access and show you how the tool works as well as supporting you if you require. 

Adapt is a web based tool and can be used from anywhere at any time. Its output can be viewed on any device. 


All published modules must comply with council policies and requirements. 

You will need the elearning team to release any modules onto Gateway.

Code: BH 21/010 Diversity Challenge (Skill Booster)

Diversity means celebrating difference and affording everyone the same respect and value – regardless of things like age, ethnicity or disability. Developed with leading occupational psychology practice Pearn Kandola, this course looks at the practicalities of managing diversity in the workplace and the benefits that a diverse workforce can bring.

Code: BH 21/037 Domestic Abuse - Foundation Elearning

This course is in development and is available for review. Please feedback any comments or changes to the address within the course. 

This elearning course is about safeguarding children from domestic abuse and violence.

It introduces you to the definitions, signs and indicators of abuse as well as what to do to address the issue.

There are three modules and to complete the course you must fully complete each module. 

Code: BH 21/012 Fair and Inclusive Mandatory Staff Briefing – recording

Fair and Inclusive Mandatory Staff Briefing - recording

Code: BH 21/066 Food Allergy Awareness (iHASCO)

Food Allergy Awareness course 

Code: BH 21/008 Independent Advocacy under the Care Act 2014 (SCIE)

Code: BH 21/063 Managers Network - File Repository

Code: BH 21/079 Mental Health and Debt Knowledge Share Webinar

Teams recordings of the speakers from the Mental Health and Poverty Seminar in September 2012

Code: BH 20/010 OLID Care Certificate: Person Centred Values

This is a test

Code: BH 21/059 OLID ESCC scorm modules

This is a development course - please ignore it 

Code: BH 21/087 OLID Healthy Lifestyles Team

Code: BH 15/085 OLID- Housing Customer Service Team Induction

This course is in development. Please ignore it for now.


This course is aimed at new Housing Services Advisors.

This course will also assist other Housing Services Advisors who may want a refresher on any of the modules. This course is currently being built and will cover:

  • Alterations
  • Gas Access
  • Neighbourhood Team
  • Tenancy Enforcement Team
  • Leaseholders
  • Car Parks and Garages
  • Discretionary Schemes
  • Homemove

This course has eight modules for you to access. You can complete any modules that are relevant to your role in any order. Each module should take about 30 minutes to complete. Following each module is a short quiz.



Code: BH 20/032 OLID NPS Housing Training

Please ignore

Code: BH 19/016 OLID P&S

This course is in development - please ignore it for now

Code: BH 20/080 Project Management

Gain the basic skills to manage all phases of project lifecycles effectively, using the most appropriate methods and tools with this free course from the OU


Note: this external course cannot mark as complete on Gateway.

Code: BH 21/009 Reablement for Care workers (SCIE)

This course will help care workers


  • understand what reablement is
  • give you knowledge of key elements of reablement services
  • understand how the approach differs from traditional home care
  • feel more confident in your day-to-day work

Code: BH 21/067 Schools Children with Allergies / Anaphylaxis (iHASCO)

Explains how to care for a child who has allergies and what to do if a child has a severe reaction. Looks at causes, symptoms and reaction

Code: BH 20/071 Supporting trans and non-binary people at work: A guide for managers (Skill Boosters)

Knowing how to support your trans and non-binary staff and create a respectful and safe environment for them is key to promoting their own personal well-being and ensuring that your organisation manages to harness and nurture the very best talent. Using a mix of original drama, personal testimony and legal analysis, together with an in-depth case study featuring leading UK insurance company LV=, this short course provides an essential toolkit for managers in managing and supporting trans and non-binary staff at all levels of an organisation.

Code: BH 18/006 Test 3

Code: BH 21/030 Test Business Continuity

Code: BH 21/075 Test Chaperone Training

Test Chaperone Training

Code: BH 21/031 Test DSE

Code: BH 20/028 Test Families Children and Learning

Test Families Children and Learning

Code: BH 19/017 Test ihasco

Test course only. Please ignore

Code: BH 21/082 Test Practitioner Training

This is a test

Code: BH 21/001 Test Tribepad e-learning



Code: BH 20/036 Welcome to Brighton & Hove City Council - eLearning induction for all new staff